Logan (2017)

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Trivia: Spoiler: Logan dies at the end, covered in blood and holding his daughter Laura's hand. Director James Mangold has acknowledged that this is a callback to a scene from "The Wolverine" in which Yukio, who can foresee how a person will die, said she saw a vision of Logan covered in blood and holding his heart in his hand. Laura being a metaphor for Logan's heart in this instance.

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Suggested correction: While this is true, it's important to remember that later in the lab (the parasite removal scene) Yukio specifically says "I saw you die in a room like this with your heart in your hand."

Jason Hoffman

A minor discrepancy in Yukio's vision doesn't invalidate what the director of both films himself considers to be an important point in the narrative.

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I didn't say that it invalidated anything. In fact, I started my comment by agreeing that it was true. I was just pointing out that her vision wasn't exactly the same.

Jason Hoffman

Well you submitted it as a correction and not a general reply/comment, so it came across that you were saying it was invalid. Carry on.

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