X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Trivia: When Wolverine goes to the gym to talk to Fred, Fred gets insulted because he thinks Wolverine calls him a "blob" (Wolverine actually uses the word "bub", as he often does). In the comics Fred's character's name was the "Blob".


Trivia: In the scene where Stryker is in his lab looking at a little boy with two different colored eyes that seems to be frozen, he's actually looking at his son Jason that we meet officially in X2.


Trivia: In the end where Wolverine is freeing the mutant prisoners, one of the prisoners is tied up, seems to be trying to run out of the cage and has white hair. This is Quicksilver, Magneto's son.


Trivia: When Wolverine is freeing the prisoners, you can see Toad in one of the cages - one of the bad guys in "X-Men".

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Trivia: Stay after the credits for a very short scene with Wolverine or Deadpool, depending on which theatre the movie is shown in.


Trivia: One of the poker players that Gambit is playing against is professional poker player Daniel Negreanu.

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Trivia: For the beginning of the making of this film, Liev Schreiber had the claws he wears as Sabretooth superglued to his fingernails, but he found that to be very uncomfortable and later gloves with the claws bonded to them were developed for him to wear.

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Trivia: Liev Schreiber was originally supposed to wear a fake muscle-suit to look physically imposing. He begged the filmmakers to give him time to train and try to gain more muscle mass, as he felt humiliated wearing the suit. His request was granted, and he ended up gaining nearly forty pounds of muscle after months of training, and no longer needed the muscle suit.


Trivia: This was meant to be the start of an on-going "X-Men Origins" series of films, but the idea was dropped after this film was met with a mixed reception from critics and fans.


Trivia: The only X-Men film to feature fan-favorite character Gambit. He was meant to appear in the previous films, but his part was always written out during pre-production. He was also meant to have a spin-off movie after this film with Channing Tatum taking over the role, but it never got off the ground.


Trivia: A DVD-quality version of a rough cut of the film was leaked online only about one month before the film was released in theaters.


Trivia: Hugh Jackman has admitted he was disappointed with the finished film, and sought to do the character justice with the sequels, "The Wolverine" and "Logan," which were far better received by critics and fans.


Revealing mistake: When Logan is at the old couples' house and checking out his new claws in the bathroom, watch where they come out of his hand carefully - the animation of his CG claws doesn't totally replicate the movement of his hands, making it look as though they are floating around his knuckles.

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Stryker: Your country needs you!
Logan: I'm Canadian.

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Question: Does Colonel Stryker have more than one son? Assuming he is the same character played by Brian Cox in X-Men III, he has another son in a wheelchair that can't be Wade.

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Chosen answer: First of all, Stryker was in "X2", not 3. Secondly, Wade was never his son. Stryker only has one son, named Jason. In this movie he can be seen encased in ice (to protect people from him), but it is obviously him (note his eye colour - one brown, one blue). It's far from unthinkable that sometime between this movie and "X2", his father's experiments on him put Jason in a wheelchair.

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