Missing Link
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Mr. Link: You, sir, are a bad man.

Mr. Link: I, uh, wanted to say thank you. For what you said back there.
Sir Lionel Frost: Don't mention it.
Mr. Link: Okay.

Mr. Link: Did we have to take his clothes?
Sir Lionel Frost: Of course. We can't have you wandering about naked.
Mr. Link: I know but... even his underwear? I mean, I turned them inside out but it's still a little weird.

Sir Lionel Frost: How do you speak English so well?
The Elder: How do you speak English so well?
Sir Lionel Frost: Well.
The Elder: How do you know I'm not speaking Yeti?

Sir Lionel Frost: Do you always answer with a question?
The Elder: I don't know... do I?

Adelina Fortnight: Lionel is wearing a nun outfit. I don't even want to know where you got that outfit.
Mr. Link: We mugged a nun.

Sir Lionel Frost: You can speak. How can you speak?

Factual error: A blunderbuss is fired at a safe. The shot not only bores a hole into the safe but also blasts it out of the window behind it. First, a gun can do no such thing; a cannon can. (The film already establishes that the safe is incredibly heavy.) Second, the hole on the safe is wrong. It is gouged outward as if by an explosion from within. (00:38:10)

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