Corrected entry: Rebecca Leeman is seventeen, otherwise she wouldn't be allowed to participate in the American Teen Princess Pageant. But it is stated in the pageant that seventeen years earlier, her mom had been crowned Mount Rose American Teen Princess. Had Gladys already had Becky? Doesn't having a baby by seventeen make it extremely unlikely that she would win?

Correction: Knowing how determined and "win no matter what" the Leeman family is (based on Rebecca and Gladys, anyhow), it would seem likely that Gladys must have already had Rebecca earlier in the year than the pageant, and thus she'd have enough time to prepare herself.


Corrected entry: In the scene with the sword fight on the wheel, the first time Jack Sparrow runs inside the wheel, he hits his head on a metal bar and falls outside of the wheel. He gets back inside the wheel, running again, and the metal bars are gone.

Correction: They are not gone. The bars are above his head, spinning with the axle.


1st Nov 2004

Good Burger (1997)

Correction: Who's to say that Dexter didn't sidetrack to some other location prior to his arrival in the neighborhood, giving Mr. Wheat (that's the teacher's name) more than enough time to make it to the same location? There are several exterior shots of Dexter driving around without any conversation voice-over, or anything else that matter, to indicate a sense of "real time."


15th Mar 2005

Good Burger (1997)

Corrected entry: In the scene when Dexter and Ed are sitting outside Good Burger and the dog comes up to bark at Ed, Ed says the dog is saying that there are four clowns with a broken down car but when they show the clowns there are five of them.

Correction: This isn't really a mistake. For one thing, the number of clowns was counted by a dog, and secondly, the dog told this to Ed. Within the context of the movie, it would be easy for either of them to get mixed up.


Correction: Ed is not quite fluent in dog language yet, so it's completely possible that he mistranslated the dog's sentence.

2nd Apr 2006

Match Point (2005)

Corrected entry: While Chris is leaving his tennis bag in Opera's cloakroom, it contains a shotgun. Plot's taking place after the terrorist attempts in London's underground and in that time everyone entering such a public place was obligated to go through check point with metal detectors.

Correction: And so one must ask oneself, does this particular (and fictionalized, if not entirely fictional) opera house actually HAVE metal detectors? Since it's obviously not addressed within the film, this isn't really a mistake, but rather a necessary (if perhaps slightly illogical) plot device.


27th Aug 2001

Nine to Five (1980)

Corrected entry: In Lilly Tomlin's fantasy scene, she sticks the spoon (all the way up to its handle) into the poisoned coffee mug. When she takes out the spoon, only half of the bowl part of the spoon is eaten away.

Correction: Perhaps by dipping the spoon in so deep, the poisoned coffee started eating away at it upwards. Besides everything else, this IS a dream sequence, when logic is an aside.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Christopher Walken comes up in the elevator for the first time, he breaks through the floor of "Moms" quite easily. Earlier in the film, the builders discover the "septic tank" (which is the entrance to the shelter) they comment about laying the cement slab right over the top. If there had been cement over the top, wouldn't it have been a little harder for the elevator to get through and wouldn't there have been rubble, rather than the clean break he made?

Correction: There were two entrances to the shelter. There is a whole scene in which Calvin (Christopher Walken) explains to Helen (Sissy Spacek) about how they'd have to use the elevator back up, because the ladder entrance they took down in the first place had been caved-in from the "bomb." It is likely that perhaps the "septic tank" the men discovered was just a part of the roof of the fallout shelter, and not necessarily the elevator.


9th Apr 2005

The Band Wagon (1953)

Corrected entry: In the middle of the "Shine on Your Shoes" dancing number, Astaire gets a picture taken in the photo booth, but before that photo booth wasn't there between the curved mirror and the electronic heart game.

Correction: There are two mirrors, actually. The photo booth is visible elsewhere in the room when he first enters.


27th Jan 2006

Star Wars (1977)

Corrected entry: When Vader swings to kill Obi-Wan during the duel, obviously Obi-Wan has disappeared. However, shouldn't the robe that he left behind have sustained some damage from Vader's lightsaber going directly through it? (01:32:20)

Correction: When the robe falls on the floor, it's all crumpled up. Perhaps there WAS damage, but we just didn't see it from this one angle.


22nd Jan 2002

Kate & Leopold (2001)

Corrected entry: Leopold reveals what an ignoramus Kate's boss is by discussing and quoting from La Boheme. But Leopold was brought forward in time from 1876 - 20 years before La Boheme even premiered. (01:01:10)

Correction: Who's to say that Leopold might not have learned that sometime after he'd come into the present time, say from books in Stewart's flat?


27th Aug 2003

28 Days Later (2002)

Corrected entry: The jet flying by in the last scene has not been in service for decades. It's a vintage 1950's collector's item.

Correction: Perhaps this was the only technology available to whoever was flying it. After all, we don't KNOW what else was happening around the world throughout the film; that's part of the point of it. Who knows what's been going on?


What plane was it I'm trying to figure out?

At first I also thought it was an F86, but upon closer inspection I was able to rule that out. It might be an F84 - just too hard to tell because you can't get a clear enough shot of the aircraft.

Its a BAE Systems Hawk.

Also Finland is a sparsely populated place with a pretty cold climate so a disease like that wouldn't really survive that well.

Correction: I think it's a BAE Systems Hawk which the FAF (Finnish Air Force) actually uses as a trainer and reconnaissance aircraft. So they might have actually used an actual Finnish jet in this scene. At first it might appear as Mig 15 or Mig 19 but with slow motion you can clearly see the pointy nosecone which is not present in a Mig nor did the FAF ever even use Mig 15 or 19s.

It is a Hawker Hunter.

Correction: That film took place a few years prior to this one; who's to say that Jabba perhaps didn't age/get injured/whatever in the time span between films? If nothing else this belongs in episode IV.


Corrected entry: When Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn get into the tutorial car, Martin seats in the student's seat and Steve in the instructor's seat. When they argue where to go, both push the pedals and turn the wheel and the car goes back and forth but in educational cars when the instructor uses his pedals and wheel those of the student disconnect, so the car should go where Steve wanted without Martin affecting it.

Correction: This is, and has not, always been the case with educational cars. Some have perfectly split control, in which the teacher will tell their student to not drive while they (the teacher) handles the car themselves, on the other side.


Corrected entry: In the scene in the trailer with Elle, Budd and then The Bride, Elle has a shiny eye patch on which reflects the lighting boxes throughout the scene.

mandy gasson

Correction: Or maybe just windows, which there are plenty of in Budd's trailer.


18th May 2004

Bowfinger (1999)

Corrected entry: When Bowfinger is trying to get himself a smart suit for the meeting, he simply goes into an expensive shop, takes a jacket off a hanger, puts it on and replaces it with his own tacky one, then walks out. Wouldn't they have security tags?

Correction: You can clearly see both the price tag and other tags on his original jacket as he hangs it "back" up - knowing his character, it is probable that he would have moved the security tag somehow, as well.


Corrected entry: Bill claims he's an avid Superman reader, yet a lot of what he says about the Man of Steel is twenty or more years out of date. Especially the part that Clark Kent is the 'fake' identity - the fact that it's the opposite is a major theme in modern stories.

Daria Sigma

Correction: But he was talking about the *original* Superman anyway; the original Superman that people from his generation would most remember, and was the most memorable setup.


27th Aug 2001

Galaxy Quest (1999)

Corrected entry: How come the Commander knows so much about the spaceship when his friends join him? His first time on the ship he was hung over and didn't think it was real. The second time, he got there ahead of his crew by only three or four minutes. In that time he shaved, changed into his uniform, and learned all about the spaceport, ship, and all the aliens?

Correction: Maybe the time/space continuum was different inside the ship. Maybe onboard the ship, he had been there for a long enough period of time to realize and act out everything you just mentioned, and then some - but back on earth, the time span of his absence was only a few minutes. It *is* a science fiction film, after all.


2nd Apr 2004

Resident Evil (2002)

Corrected entry: Several times during the train sequences, and on the schematics, we see there is only one track between the Mansion and the Hive. So on the return journey, the train should be travelling backwards, yet it is going forwards with Kaplan in the cab on both occasions. From the interior and exterior shots, you can see that it does not have a cab at both ends.

Correction: We never get to see EVERYTHING inside the Mansion and the Hive. Maybe there's a sort of extra part to the station(s) where the train can turn around.


Corrected entry: Even though it was a deliberate choice not to reveal the name of 'The Bride' in the first portion of the film (Volume 1), when "The Bride" purchases a plane ticket to Okinawa her actual name is printed on the ticket.

Correction: However, as we see from the flashbacks, the Bride (obviously) had ties to the criminal underground/this particular underground organization. How do we know this really is *her* name?


Correction: But he would have had to *assaulted* Martin Lawrence *in order* to beat him. And besides, why couldn't Martin Lawrence have reported the matter as assault, regardless of what it really was?


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