Trivia: There were a number of takes for the scene in which Jabba the Hutt captures Leia. Because the puppeteers working inside Jabba could not see Carrie Fisher properly, the operator for his tongue accidentally "licked" Carrie's face during several of these takes. Thus in the final footage, Leia turns away from Jabba in disgust the moment his tongue appears.


30th May 2006


Trivia: This book was originally published in 1992. It is the final book in the Adversary Cycle, describing the end of the world (a long story explained in the previous five books). However, one of the main characters, Repairman Jack (previously appearing in THE TOMB), has since had nine additional adventures that take place before this book. These nine books, LEGACIES, CONSPIRACIES, ALL THE RAGE, HOSTS, THE HAUNTED AIR, GATEWAYS, CRISSCROSS, INFERNAL, and most recently, HARBINGERS, all have Jack having much more involvement with the forces at work in the Adversary Cycle. A newly-revised edition of NIGHTWORLD is going to be released sometime this year (2006), with all of Jack's additional knowledge and experience making for new dialogue, new events, etc.


7th May 2006

The Tomb

Trivia: This book is titled "The Tomb", even though there was no tomb in it (except for a metaphorical reference to a fire-blackened building at one point). This was due to the publisher's wish that the book follow the success of F. Paul Wilson's previous book, "The Keep", by having a title preceded by "The" The book was originally going to be called RAKOSHI, after a major set of characters in it, and only retains the original title in a limited edition from Borderlands Press.


Trivia: George Lucas purposely made the Darth Vader suit uncomfortable, heavy, and cumbersome. This way, as Hayden Christensen walks around in the armor (especially after first being put into it), his movements seem awkward - after all, Darth Vader isn't used to wearing it yet.


11th Aug 2004

Monkey Business (1931)

Trivia: At one point, Thelma Todd is telling Groucho that she is living unhappily (and wants "freedom, liberty, justice, etc.). Groucho responds, "I know, I know, you're a woman who's been getting nothing but dirty breaks her whole life. Well we can clean and fix those breaks, but you'll have to stay in the garage all night." Less than four years later, Thelma Todd died of carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of being locked in a garage with a running car. There has been much controversy as to whether her death was an accident or not, even to this day.


26th Jun 2004

The Sixth Sense (1999)

Trivia: Watch carefully as Dr. Malcolm walks away from his wife's jewelry shop - his jacket is open, and he keeps his left hand over his lower left-hand-side stomach...


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