Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Trivia: When John and Jane are questioning their former apparent target near the end of the film, look carefully at the guy's shirt - it's the logo from another Brad Pitt film, Fight Club.

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Trivia: A subtle clue that Brad Pitt is a secret agent/spy: he drinks vodka martinis with two olives - shaken, not stirred - just like that other famous spy, James Bond.

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Trivia: Nicole Kidman was supposed to star along side Brad Pitt, but had to pull out due to other commitments. When she did this, Brad also pulled out but later re-joined when Angelina Jolie was cast.

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Matt Tyrrell

Trivia: The final fight where the Smiths burst out of the shed to fight the remaining bad guys is an obvious homage to the end of the film "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid".

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