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Factual error: The movie is supposed to take place in and around New York City, however during the car chase where Angelina and Brad are fighting off the three BMW's, a wide shot clearly shows a street sign announcing Los Angeles.


Continuity mistake: During one of the scenes when Brad Pitt arrives home, he is driving a Lincoln Town Car, not his Cadillac. This is the car that he doesn't get until later, when he steals it and drives home during the scene when they crash the cars into each other at the end of the driveway.


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Suggested correction: Didn't he steal the Lincoln after the restaurant?

He did. But, the car appears before he steals it when he drives home after going to her office.


Visible crew/equipment: John pushes his newly captured prisoner into the back of the van Jane is in. As he closes the van door you can see an extra arm behind John's back moving over to hold the doors closed.

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Continuity mistake: When John and Jane reach home after racing each other from the restaurant and she crashes her car into his, he's wearing a black jacket just before she hits him and no jacket just after. (01:05:15)


Factual error: In the scene that depicts the Smiths meeting each other, they are supposed to be in Bogota, Colombia. The tropical village they're in looks very little like Bogota, a gigantic metropolis with over 9 million inhabitants and very cold weather.

Deliberate mistake: When Brad Pitt is in his garage and cleans the spot on this collar, he should have turned the car's mirror to the left to see himself. Instead, he turns the mirror to the right so the camera can get a view of his collar.

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Continuity mistake: Near the end, when the Smiths are hiding in the shed, from the inside the front of the shed and the door have several bullet holes (as do the sides), but in the long shot of the shed, the front is in perfect condition. (01:45:00)


Visible crew/equipment: During the battle in the house, when John shows his hand with the gun, the camera reflects on his watch.

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Continuity mistake: When the Smiths steal the van from the Coleman's, a cross on a rope is hanging from the rear view mirror. During the BMW chase, the rope goes from being almost a foot long to about two inches long. (01:23:30 - 01:24:40)


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Continuity mistake: While being chased by the 3 BMWs, the passenger's headrest of the Dodge minivan driven by Brad changes from a 1-piece (part of the seat), to a headrest that you can adjust the height and it keeps changing during the scene.

Factual error: When John and Jane are in the elevator at the end, they're both holding MP5A4 submachine guns. The charging handle on both of them are in the open and locked position, making firing of the weapon impossible.

Factual error: While John is crawling through the sewer pipes, Jane's monitor shows his GPS location as 47.28 N 12.46 W, 35 feet below sea level. This places him under the Atlantic Ocean, somewhat north of the tip of Spain - nowhere close to New York, or any other streets for that matter. (01:34:00)

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Jane is trying to run over John with her car, she jumps from the driver's seat while John is in the back of the car. Right before the car crashes through the fence, you see John through the back window. You also see a head in the driver's seat, even though no one is supposed to be driving the car.

Continuity mistake: After the botched hit in Mexico, Jane returns to her office, a little beaten up, and her associates tend to her wounds. Particularly clear is an injury to her right shoulder - it has bled enough to mark her singlet top, and is covered by a large piece of plaster. Yet when she dances with John in the restaurant, only a few hours later, there is no sign of plaster or wound.


Continuity mistake: When Jane and John Smith are fighting each other in their house, John Smith is left with several large scratches on his left cheek. Throughout the rest of the movie, his scratches change size, position and shape.

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Continuity mistake: The second time John and Jane enter the elevator, they both have machine guns. However, when they exit, Jane is holding a handheld pistol and they have swapped sides. (01:42:00)

Factual error: During the highway chase scene, the cars crash through the barriers on the highway, but they are filled with water. In areas like New York these are filled with sand, because the water would freeze in the winter.


Continuity mistake: When John and Jane steal their neighbor's minivan (after their house explodes) and back out the driveway, an assassin jumps onto the back. John hits the brakes and the assassin falls off onto the ground beside the van. In the next shot it is implied that the van runs over the assassin (two bumps), but John has not turned the steering wheel.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie when John and Jane are in the shed and taking off their suit coats, there is no slit or hole in John's right pant leg where, minutes before, it had been punctured by Jane's wayward knife.

John: Come to Daddy...
[Jane beats him onto the floor.]
Jane: Who's your Daddy now?

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Question: After John and Jane killed all those people, wouldn't their boss send more people after them? And why don't the Smiths fear/anticipate/react to this fact/possibility? Is it me or does it seem the only way they could have a happy ending is die or they have to kill the boss and destroy all their records (Which they would probably die trying).

Answer: The boss probably decided to stop wasting resources on a lost cause.


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