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Corrected entry: At 1:24:48 (the BMW's chasing the van), the lead BMW has a California front license plate (white with red script) but in the rear shots taken from behind the Beemers, the BMW's all have white and blue New York rear plates. Also the front plate is gone after the initial shot. (01:24:45)

Correction: The black car you're referring to with the "California front license plate" is not actually one of the three BMWs chasing the minivan, it does not have the distinctive stripe on its hood which all three BMWs have, and we can also see the car's Chevrolet logo over its license plate.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When John Smith is in the elevator, he has apparently switched the cameras in them. When the elevator which he is not in falls, the TV monitor he has been on goes fuzzy. Afterwards, he unhooks the camera from the elevator and a 'no signal' alert appears on a different monitor than that which he had been on initially.

Correction: That different monitor was the one for the elevator John was actually in. When he disconnected the camera, it now lost its signal.


Corrected entry: When the Smiths are preparing themselves to take on the final set of enemies at the end of the film, they are in what appears to be a wooden shed. Why do the bad guys not simply shoot it? They've got a lot of guns, including at least one rocket launcher. They should have been able to manage it between them.

Correction: Character decision, not a mistake. The bad guys know the two are cornered inside the shed, they have time to set up their positions around it and wait for them to come out. Firing blindly at the shed would not ensure hitting them.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When John Smith is receiving information on Benjamin "Tank" Diaz, he is told the only weak spot is 10 miles north of the border. Jane Smith is told the only weak spot is just south of the border. Even though they receive different areas to go to, they show up at the same place. (00:27:00)

Correction: Different borders. Their agencies are working out of neighboring countries.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jane is watching the wedding video, there is a shot where we see the screen. You hear John saying "I, John", but his lips don't move.

Correction: Try it, you can say that without moving your lips.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: In the car chase against the three BMW's, John shoots at them with his pistol, and we see the bullets bouncing off, Jane makes mention that they are "bullet proof"One BMW gets blown up with the grenade, yet a little while later Jane throws the mini van in a 180 and takes out the remaining 2 BMW's with her pistol.


Correction: I might be wrong, but I believe all of the shots that bounced off of the car were aimed at the glass since John was trying to shoot the driver. When Jane shoots at the vehicle she shoots through the frame of the vehicle into the wheel well. Bullet proofing of the glass does not constitute bulletproofing of the entire frame.

David Little

Corrected entry: In the scene where John (Brad Pitt) chases Jane (Angelina Jolie) and John crashes into the fence Brad Pitt actually slipped and the surprised look on his face is real.

Correction: This in fact is not true at all. I was intentional. It is mentioned on the 2 disc special edition DVD.

Corrected entry: After John has supposedly fallen to his death in the elevator scene he shows up at the restaurant where Jane is celebrating his death and Jane asks him a question and calls him Tom instead of John.

Correction: Incorrect, she says "So what do you want John?".


Corrected entry: Toward the end of the shootout in the hardware store, Jane throws a knife that accidentally gets John in the leg. When he pulls it out, it sounds like it's being pulled from a steel sheath, but the knife was being pulled from skin and bone, so it shouldn't have made that sound.

Correction: Actually, it is being pulled from the high-tech, plastic bulletproof suit John is wearing under his clothes, and which is seen later on when he rips his shirt off in the "shed". Notice how he shows no sign of injury from the knife, other than mild annoyance when it hits him? That's because the knife never even penetrates his skin.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in the Home store, Angelina spots two mannequins with clothes on. The female mannequin is wearing "housewife" clothes and the male mannequin is wearing a suit, yet when they come out after getting changed they are both wearing suits.

Correction: This is not a plot-hole, but rather was done on purpose to fool with audience expectations. When she sees the mannequins, the audience is lead to believe that they will return dressed as the mannequins are dressed, him as the husband and she as the wife. But sticking with the theme that they're both "tough guys", they both return dressed in the suit. This obviously fits with the theme of the entire movie and is not error.

Corrected entry: In the scene where John and Jane are in her car, after John has accidentally shot at her, Jane bails out and leaves John in the backseat. The car then runs over some trees and goes in the air, at this time John is seen and then completely disappears.

Correction: Actually, because the scene takes place in the dark and at a distance it can be deceptive. What happens is that John drops to the seat to prepare for the impact of the impending crash.


Corrected entry: When Jane and John are in the lift at the end, the lights are on. When they come out of it with guns blazing, the lights are suddenly out.


Correction: Maybe the Smiths destroyed the lights to make the elevator darker, making them harder to spot when the elevator doors opened and the enemies started shooting at them.

Corrected entry: At the end of the big fire fight in the homeware store, John and Jane both have dual Glock 18c Auto pistols. As they fire, the slides on the pistols never move. Also, the report is wrong. There should be a flash out of the top of the pistol toward the front due to cuts put in the barrel by Glock to help reduce muzzle climb.

Correction: I think the slides do move, they just move too fast to be picked up on the 24 frames per second of the film. Similar to the way old car wheels or helicopter blades often appear motionless. As to the report, you have no idea what modifications the different agencies do to their weapons. e.g. Many different countries have their own version of weapons, modified for export specifically for 1 organisation/military/police force etc.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: In a number of battle scenes we see red "laser" lines through the air, obviously from some firearm sighting gear. These would never be visible as lines unless the there was considerable dust in the air, you would only get a spot where the laser hit a surface.

Correction: Yes, but bullets are ripping through plaster, and cotton and sheetrock, etc., filling the air with fine dust that makes the lasers visible.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie Brad Pitt is driving a Cadillac. Later when he is racing to make it home before Angelina Jolie, the front view of his car as he slides into the driveway is a Lincoln. It isn't until much later in the movie that he steals a Lincoln limousine.

Correction: Actually, he switches to the Lincoln right after Mexico. He hadn't stolen the limo yet.

Correction: When he is racing home is directly after he stole the limo from the guy. Therefore, he would be driving a Lincoln.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene when they are trying to kill each other in their own house, John pulls the gas line out of the stove. Jane fires her gun, causing an explosion. The fire then goes out on its own. The fire should have kept going, as gas lines don't shut off by themselves.

Correction: Many modern houses nowadays have a safety feature connected to the gas valve outside, which shuts off the gas in case of an earthquake. So the explosion could have shaken the house and lines to the point where the emergency shut off kicked in.

Corrected entry: When Jane smashes into Johns car, her head lights still work. The hood is not smashed, and no breakage can be seen on the lights at all. John's car, however, is pretty banged up on the right hand side.

Correction: Like it has been said in other entries and corrections, John and Jane have all sorts of gadgets and modifications to their house and cars, would it not be possible that there are special modifications to her car that would allow her to use it as a weapon and not have it destroyed in the process?


Corrected entry: When the Smiths are in the basement during the shoot out with their agencies, a grenade bounces in and explodes under a tank of fuel oil, causing a tremendous explosion that levels the house. First, the shoot out in the kitchen showed the house was using natural gas, especially when one of them created a fireball by disconnecting the line (who then shut it off?), you wouldn't have both fuels in the house. Second, fuel oil burns but is not that volatile and would not create such an explosion.

Correction: A house can use both. For example, my parents' house uses natural gas for the range, but fuel for heating.


Corrected entry: When we see John's office, he is listed on the door as John Smith with Professional Engineer below it. A Professional Engineer (P.E.) is not a type of engineer but a professional group designation. While it would likely be on the door, so would the actual type of engineer that he is supposed to be. His door should read John Smith, P.E. with the type of engineer (such as Civil Engineer or Construction Engineer) below it.

Correction: Given that John isn't actually an engineer, and that the office was a front, it's more of a character mistake (his forgetting to add the type of engineer on the sign) rather than a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Brad Pitt is first shown performing a killing, he is playing poker with three people, until "Lucky" (the target, the original fourth poker player) comes into the room. Brad shoots him from under the armpit, then shoots the other three in quick succession. Then he is seen leaving the room and looking at the cards of the hand left unplayed. The table, chips and card have remained in place and there are no dead bodies in the room, though he has just killed four people there.

Correction: You can't see the three guys he killed, since they fell out of their chairs and were laying on the floor. Lucky fell near the door, so you couldn't see him either since his body was on the floor, behind the chair that Brad was sitting on.


Factual error: The movie is supposed to take place in and around New York City, however during the car chase where Angelina and Brad are fighting off the three BMW's, a wide shot clearly shows a street sign announcing Los Angeles.

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