30th May 2006


Trivia: This book was originally published in 1992. It is the final book in the Adversary Cycle, describing the end of the world (a long story explained in the previous five books). However, one of the main characters, Repairman Jack (previously appearing in THE TOMB), has since had nine additional adventures that take place before this book. These nine books, LEGACIES, CONSPIRACIES, ALL THE RAGE, HOSTS, THE HAUNTED AIR, GATEWAYS, CRISSCROSS, INFERNAL, and most recently, HARBINGERS, all have Jack having much more involvement with the forces at work in the Adversary Cycle. A newly-revised edition of NIGHTWORLD is going to be released sometime this year (2006), with all of Jack's additional knowledge and experience making for new dialogue, new events, etc.


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