Kill Bill: Volume 1

Corrected entry: When handling katanas and Japanese swords, if you are serious about keeping and collecting them, you do NOT make that snapping noise at the end when you put it back into the sheath. Both the sword-maker and 'the bride' do this all the time.

Correction: This is true, but then again, the Bride and Hanzo do it for effect. For the most part, they do it to intimidate their opponents. A serious collector of anything would never use it at all, their's are obviously for use.

Corrected entry: When O-ren chops off Boss Tanaka's head it lands in front of one of the other bosses. The head is shown close up but there is no blood coming out of it. A severed head would have blood running out of it. (01:03:00)


Correction: The blood in this movie is fictional and maintains that way throughout the entire film. It would only be a factual error if the blood in this film was meant to be realistic. If it is a factual error you could argue that blood spraying out of limbs is an error as well.


Corrected entry: When The Bride kicks her mug at Vernita, it is obvious that the kick she does is a drop kick and that the cup would go almost straight up, but in the next shot it is seen traveling in a straight line towards Vernita.

David Mercier

Correction: Actually, the move is possible. It's all a matter of timing and hitting the object (In this case, a mug) at the correct angle.

Corrected entry: In The House Of Blue Leaves, the line spoken between The Bride and O-Ren, "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids", is a double reference to The Bride's real name, Beatrix. First, her name could have been shortened by the other DiVAS to Trix (as some sort of nickname). Also, the author of 'Peter Rabbit' is named Beatrix Potter, giving the "Silly rabbit" part of the line. This line was most likely written to be some sort of inside reference between the two characters.

Correction: "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids" is the tagline of an American breakfast cereal ad. "Trix" is the name of the cereal, and the rabbit is on the cereal box.

Carl Fink

Corrected entry: In the battle at the House of Blue Leaves, there is a period of time where the film becomes black and white. During this time much of the blood is clear, revealing that it is actually just water or a similar substance, as so to save money from fake blood. The black and white coloring makes it a little harder to notice.

Correction: Actually the black and white was just done to get the movie past the censors. It was filmed in full colour and is available like that in japan.

Corrected entry: Uma cuts off both of Sophie's arms (the other one in the car boot, which can be seen in the Japanese cut of the movie), but when Sophie tumbles down the slope near the hospital, she still has one arm. (01:39:00)

Correction: In the American version, we never see the bride cut off Sophie's second arm, she merely hints at it; meaning it could just as easily have been an idle treat to extract information. The American version in which Sophie has one arm is most likely the way Tarantino intended the film to be, so this is only a mistake in the Japanese version, not the American.

Corrected entry: A coma patient without a foley catheter (for urine drainage)? Not possible. If Buck removed it so that Larry could have sex with her, he would have done it just before leaving the room. Even if he had removed it earlier, it's very unlikely that he would have taken the time to also remove the catheter bag (urine collection bag that would be hanging down next to the bed), which is also missing.

Correction: Who is to say Buck wouldn't remove it before showcasing the Bride? It wouldn't be very attractive to do that in front of a possible customer.

Corrected entry: When Hattori Honzo hands The Bride her sword in a very formal manner she responds with the word 'domo' - thanks. As she is obviously fluent in Japanese she would no doubt be aware that this casual term would be inappropriate for the occasion and possibly cause offence. More accurately she should have responded with 'arigato gozaimasu'.

Correction: She's making a private joke with the swordsmith, about their conversation on the word "domo" back when they first met.

Carl Fink

Corrected entry: The Bride wakes after four years in a coma. She is as weak as a kitten, unarmed and friendless. Given the choice of on whom to first extract her revenge, which does she pick; 1) The leader of organized crime in a country half way across the world who is guarded by 88+ bloodthirsty bodyguards? Or, 2) The woman who has left the business (and gone soft), lives within driving distance and is likely to be alone during the day? Of course she chooses 1.

Correction: O-Ren is the only assassin that the Bride knows the location of. The Bride extracts the locations of the others from Sofie Fatale after getting rid of O-Ren.


Corrected entry: When Black Mamba returns from Tokyo after killing Ishii, the movie shows the plane in an orange sky. If you look above the front of the plane closely, you can see a piece of metal connecting a fishing line.

Correction: Given the nature of the movie (the fact that this was Tarantino's homage to old martial arts "B" movies) the plane is supposed to look fake.

Corrected entry: Count the seconds between the clunks of the waterfeature during the climax of the film in the snow-garden. The clunks are never the same amount of time apart, which you would expect from a feature like that. (01:26:35 - 01:27:30)

Correction: It is a device that fills up and dumps water, not meant to be even as you must think. It does what it was designed to do - not a movie trick.

Correction: No, it is an homage to Bruce Lee's movie "Game of Death"

Corrected entry: The dead bodies at the House of Blue Leaves keep changing positions.

Correction: Many of the fallen '88' are still alive and can move around, just no longer fight.

Correction: Her left shoe is red because the Bride stabbed her in the foot with the nail-studded table leg.


I just loaded up the scene on YouTube, and LorgSkyegon is 100% correct. Her left shoe looks red because it's stained with blood. But if you look closely, her right shoe is still white.


Corrected entry: When the bride picks the Hatori Hanzo sword from the rack she begins to remove it from the scabbard. Her left hand is at the opening of the scabbard as she starts to pull out the sword. The shot from further away when she totally removes the sword her left hand has moved further down the scabbard, away from the opening. (00:52:40)


Correction: Her hand stays in the same location, but as mentioned in a previous entry, the sword has been pulled further out of the scabbard.


Corrected entry: It seems all the Tarantino films have some sort of "trunk-view" camera shot. Reservoir Dogs has Mr. Blond showing off his nabbed police officer who he kept in the trunk. Jules and Vincent get their guns from the trunk and discuss "we should have shotguns" during the trunk-view. Samuel L. Jackson makes a guy get in the trunk, shoots him, and later shows the body in the trunk to Robert DeNiro. The Bride in Kill Bill explains to Sophie the reasons she has left her alive all during an inside-the-trunk view. I'm beginning to see a pattern.

Correction: Mr Blonde is the one who shows the kidnapped officer in his trunk, not Mr White.

Correction: That's not trivia - that's just a prop joke. Obvious.

Corrected entry: In chapter 2, at the chapel of "El Paso", the groom didn't wear a morning coat, although in "Kill Bill 2" he did. It's supposed to be the same moment in time.

Correction: In "Kill Bill vol. 2", there is a period of about thirty seconds before the attack where we cannot see inside the church, only the outside. It is quite possible he removed the coat during this period.

Corrected entry: When the Bride is looking at Hattori Hanzo's various swords in his loft, she reaches for one in a reddish brown scabbard. Hanzo tells her to reach for a different one. When the whole display of swords is shown, there is no reddish brown scabbard on any of the swords. (00:51:55)

Correction: Yes, there is - the mistake, as noted elsewhere, is that the sword has moved to a lower position on the stand, but it is still there.


Corrected entry: The Bride prominently displays her katana on the Air-O flight to Tokyo. The sword is never seen when the Bride rides to the House of Blue Leaves, nor is it on her person up to, and including the scene where she encounters Sophie in the ladies' room. The first time it appears is when the Bride hacks off Sophie's arm.

Correction: The Bride's sword is shown at least twice after leaving the plane and before arriving at the restaurant: she's shown carrying it through the airport; and it's shown strapped to the right side of her motorcycle, after she and Sophie have stopped at the red light and then the Bride takes off before the green light. Hard to see since it's horizontal, not vertical, like the Crazy 88 guys' swords.

Continuity mistake: When The Bride gets into the Pussy Wagon and tries to move her toes, the shot changes between one taken from her head and one taken from her feet. The one taken from her head shows her two feet touching one another and resting against the closed door. The one taken from her feet (which would have necessitated the door being open) shows her two feet not resting on anything and slightly apart from one another.


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Question: In the scene where The Bride is trying to get Hattari Hanzo to make her a sword she mentions a "former" pupil and he changes his mind, writing on the window Bill. What did Bill do to upset Hattari Hanzo?

Answer: Bill used Hattari Hanzo's teachings for evil, instead of belief and self defense.

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