Kill Bill: Volume 1

Continuity mistake: When The Bride is slashed on the upper back by O-Ren in their fight scene she collapses and lands on her back in the snow. After she gets up and the fight continues, there is no blood spot on the snow where she was lying. (01:29:55 - 01:31:10)

Revealing mistake: When Gogo is fighting the bride, misses and hits herself with the mace, as she falls backwards onto the table, you can see the stunt double's hairy legs. (01:16:10)

Continuity mistake: When The Bride gets into the Pussy Wagon and tries to move her toes, the shot changes between one taken from her head and one taken from her feet. The one taken from her head shows her two feet touching one another and resting against the closed door. The one taken from her feet (which would have necessitated the door being open) shows her two feet not resting on anything and slightly apart from one another.


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Revealing mistake: When the swordmaker writes "Bill" on the window, take a close look. The window has been wiped before (as happens at the end of the scene) and "re-steamed" - you can see the outlines of the wiping from earlier takes, with a clear contrast between that pane and the others. (00:52:45)

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Continuity mistake: When we see the Bride in the "House of Blue Leaves", her hair is considerably longer than when it was while she was walking through the Tokyo airport. Since we see from time to time in the movie, the notations "one month later," or "4 years later," and there was nothing like that in the sequence, it seems that the Brides' hair grew at least 4 inches from the time she left the airport until the time she gets to the restaurant.

Continuity mistake: After cutting off Boss Tanaka's head, O-Ren whips some of the blood on her sword onto another boss' face. He jerks his head back with specks of blood on his face, but just a split second later in a different shot his head is still and there is no blood at all. (01:00:25)

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Continuity mistake: When Vernita Green takes her daughter's picture from the notice board in the kitchen she holds it at the top left corner when the camera is behind her. The shot changes to in front of her and she holds it by the bottom left corner, the shot moves behind her again and she holds it by the top left corner. (00:11:15)

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Continuity mistake: When Vernita and The Bride are talking in the kitchen and Vernita shoots The Bride from the cereal box, you can see the bullet hole in the back wall of the kitchen, but then a little later that part of the wall doesn't have any bullet holes. Also, not only is the bullet hole not where you see it hit in the first place, it's on the other side of the bride's head, along with the splatter from the cereal box.

Continuity mistake: When O-Ren chops off boss Tanaka's head, the head falls in front of Sophie and another member. Then, when O-Ren finishes her speech, she holds up Tanaka's head. This can not be possible, because she has not moved from where she was standing during the speech. (01:00:20 - 01:01:30)

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Continuity mistake: When "The Bride" is first in Okinawa and talking in the bar to the sword maker, look at his headband. The black and white stripes change from shot to shot, obviously showing how each time the material was twisted by the costumier before shooting. (00:44:15)

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Revealing mistake: When the Bride is fighting the General of the Crazy 88's he slashes at her lower torso and scores a hit, but the slash on the Bride's jacket is already there before he strikes (it is not there in the previous scenes and when he slashes it makes the sound of him cutting the material). (01:23:10)

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Factual error: When we see the closeup of the gun when Bill shoots "The Bride" it is obvious that it is a normal gun with rifling in the barrel, we even see the end of the grooves when the bullet comes straight out of the gun at the camera, but the bullet does not spin.

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Continuity mistake: When O-Ren falls dead in the snow, only the snow by her feet is pushed up. In the next overhead shot there are big footprints/marks in the snow near her legs, and her samurai sword has also moved. (01:33:35)

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Continuity mistake: The table that Gogo falls on after hitting herself with the mace gets splintered into pieces, with debris underneath and all around where she lies on her back, especially in the area below her feet. Yet in the next shot when the Bride jumps down to resume her attack from above, there is no sign of the debris on the floor. (01:20:00)

Continuity mistake: When The Bride is about to pick a sword from the rack she is about to pick a sword with a red shaft. Then Hanzo says tells her to pick another one from the same rack. When it cuts we can see that the sword with the red shaft is out of sight. Later we see that particular sword is on a low level of the shaft, but when we saw The Bride reaching for it it was obvious she wasn't bending down to get it. So the sword has moved lower on the shaft by itself. (00:49:55)


Continuity mistake: During the fight in the restaurant, the Bride is surrounded by a large group of Yakuza. In a shot from behind her, she is staring at the opponents in front of her over the edge of her horizontally held blade. One of the masked villains is swinging a chain in an arc. A moment later the shot cuts to an overhead and the guy with the chain has disappeared - everyone in front of the bride (as well as to the rear and sides) are holding swords. (01:22:30)

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Other mistake: The Japanese phrase the chef says to The Bride when handing her the food is used after a meal, not before the meal.

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Continuity mistake: When Hatori Hanzo is talking to the bride, he calls for his assistant several times. At one point, he gets really mad and throws his knife unto the magnetic strips on the wall behind him and sticks on almost vertically. In the next few shots, the knife is positioned in different angles. (00:47:50 - 00:49:10)

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Trivia: The Japanese version of "Kill Bill" is longer and contains even more violence and gore.

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Question: In the scene where The Bride is trying to get Hattari Hanzo to make her a sword she mentions a "former" pupil and he changes his mind, writing on the window Bill. What did Bill do to upset Hattari Hanzo?

Answer: Bill used Hattari Hanzo's teachings for evil, instead of belief and self defense.

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