Corrected entry: After the parking lot chase/filming scene, the Chubby Rain cast and crew are previewing the finished scene on a small screen later that day. A musical score plays over the playing scene as Carol stalks Kit...but how did Bobby and the rest of the crew create music to go with it? Logically, this is impossible, because A - there was not enough funding for a musical department, B - there is never any indication of even a makeshift musical department for the filming of Chubby Rain in the film, and C - the scene was shot earlier that day, not nearly enough time to score it.


Correction: It isn't impossible at all. There are dozens of websites that will sell you a non-exclusive licence to use music from their libraries, and they have such a huge range of music in stock that you can find everything from full orchestral symphonies to a swanee whistle toot within an hour of starting your search. Nothing to it.

Corrected entry: How can the cast and crew for Chubby Rain *not* know that Kit doesn't know he was being filmed for the movie? The way he reacts in many of the scenes as the actors walk up to him and recite their lines is very unprofessional and probably not even in the script.


Correction: The crew are mostly illegal immigrants, others are completely new to acting in Hollywood, and Bowfinger and his assistant are in the know, and as we find out later, Daisy figures it out as well. The others are just naive enough to think that Kit's behavior is diva-ish.


Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. But, in short, Mindhead controls Kit as much as possible, so having someone following him at all times would not be out of character.


Corrected entry: When Heather Graham's character is running with Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) towards the end of the movie, she keeps switching between speaking with her "Chubby Rain" Hispanic accent and with her normal speaking manner. Understandable she might only need to speak with a Hispanic accent for Chubby Rain's filming, but since she knew that Kit Ramsey didn't know he was being filmed for a movie, you'd think she'd try to keep her character (and hence her accent) consistent to avoid raising his suspicion.


Correction: Yes, but remember that her character is an amateur and inexperienced actress. Slipping in and out of her accent would not be out of the question for her.

alex garrido

Corrected entry: Kit Ramsay knows that Bowfinger and his crew have been shooting footage of his twin brother Jiff, pretending it is really him. So, rather than allow himself to be blackmailed when they show him the footage they got of him exposing himself, why not just claim they staged it using Jiff?

Correction: This isn't a film mistake - it's something you'd do differently in Kit's position. Kit Ramsay isn't the sharpest tool in the shed - perhaps he didn't think of it? Maybe Jiff had a cast iron alibi for the day in question, or there is some characteristic about Kit that is different to Jiff and they got that on film? Maybe Kit is circumsised and Jiff isn't, or one of them has a birthmark, scar or a tattoo? We don't know and we don't need to.

Corrected entry: When Bowfinger is trying to get himself a smart suit for the meeting, he simply goes into an expensive shop, takes a jacket off a hanger, puts it on and replaces it with his own tacky one, then walks out. Wouldn't they have security tags?

Correction: You can clearly see both the price tag and other tags on his original jacket as he hangs it "back" up - knowing his character, it is probable that he would have moved the security tag somehow, as well.


Corrected entry: Bowfinger had to film Kit Ramsey from a distance.. why then, at the premiere of the film, do we see the camera angles we saw of the scenes instead of the ones Bobby filmed? for example, in the scene where the cop's face melts, we see him face on, but we see that Bowfinger's crew are filming from up an embankment behind the cop, so the shot in Chubby Rain would have been of the cop's back and not a close up of his face.

Correction: As we can see at various other points in the 'chubby rain' for instance the scene in the car park, they get the desired effect from kit, and then go back to film the other shots in close up. as we do not see kit in the little bit of footage when the guys face melts, we can presume that is what they have done here.

Corrected entry: When Kit Ramsay is getting pissed off with the guy trying to get him to do a film, he says he scanned the script for K's and it came up with a number exactly divisible by three. However, the exact number that Kit Ramsey gives for the amount of times the letter K appears is 1,456. This is NOT perfectly divisible by 3, and it does NOT equate to 486. Mathematically, it equates to 485.3333333..., which, rounded off, is 485.

Correction: Kit is consistently shown throughout the movie to be unbalanced and on the edge of sanity. It's no surprise his math isn't perfect, he's finding coincidence and conspiracies all around him.


Corrected entry: Bowfinger states he has been saving one dollar a week for something like 2,100 weeks - forty years, give or take. Relatively speaking, one dollar was a lot of money in 1959 - roughly equivalent to $22.00 nowadays. It is inconceivable that a ten-year-old kid could save that much in 1959.

Correction: Hard to do, yes, but not impossible. If Bowfinger was absolutely serious about it (which he quite obviously was), then who says he wouldn't stay dedicated to it?

It is nothing to do with dedication. $1.00 in 1959 (forty years before the setting of this film) is the equivalent of $22.00 today. It is inconceivable that a ten-year-old child could save $22.00 a week.

This is simply wrong. $1.00 in 1959 would be the equivalent of $10.47 today or $5.73 in 1999.

Corrected entry: At the start of the film, Bowfinger patiently (and sincerely) explains that all films cost just $1240.00, and "Chubby Rain" will cost just that. At the time he hasn't even met Daisy, so he has no way of knowing that the developing and printing of the exposed film will be charged to her credit card. As another post points out, this expense alone is hugely more than his entire budget and when he commences production of Chubby Rain he has no way of covering the costs of this absolutely essential procedure. Did he not count a vital part of production - developing and printing exposed stock - as part of his budget? This is not a character mistake - he discusses lab costs throughout production of "Chubby Rain", so he knows perfectly well what is coming.

Correction: The correction makes absolutely no sense. Bowfinger only had $1240 available to him, and he had no way of knowing he could charge the printing and processing costs of Chubby Rain to a third party - he hadn't even met Daisy at that stage. He does not have the money to even start making his film.

Correction: He was not saying it costs $1240 seriously. He is well aware of the costs involved, but since he only had $1240 saved up, he was trying to convince his actors and crew that he could produce the film for $1240.


Factual error: Daisy is an out of work jobbing actress but she has a credit card that will take the cost of developing and printing the stock used to shoot a feature film in 35mm! Since they are watching colour rushes with synchronised sound on film (not cheaper video) they are not doing this on the cheap, either. Minimum cost, for a 90 minute feature, allowing four takes of each shot (which we see them do) - £41,000.00 or around US$85,000.00. That's some credit card. Anyone got the name of the issuing company?

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Kit: White boys always get the Oscar. It's a known fact. Did I ever get a nomination? No! You know why? Cause I hadn't played any of them slave roles, and get my ass whipped. That's how you get the nomination. A black dude who plays a slave that gets his ass whipped gets the nomination, a white guy who plays an idiot gets the Oscar. That's what I need, I need to play a retarded slave, then I'll get the Oscar.

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Trivia: The plot was based on a real Russian filmmaker who secretly shot silent film star Mary Pickford while she was on vacation, and decided to base a film around her.


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Answer: It's done with CGI. Such freeway scenes are impossible to do with stunt drivers as you would need very complicated choreography to make it look believable.


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