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Corrected entry: If Dexter was working in Mondo Burger's kitchen before he got fired, wouldn't he have known they were putting chemicals in the burgers? In the scene where Ed and Dexter break into the kitchen and notice from the window where they're dripping the chemical in, it's the same prep area that Dexter worked in.


Correction: When Dexter was working at Mondo Burger there was no need to make the burgers that big. They hadn't started that yet. Later in the movie when Ed's sauce is introduced, that's when Kurt says "triple the burgers". That is when they must have used the triampathol.

Right... but when he's working there. He had a meat patty to practice with.

Correction: Yes he did but they didn't start doing that till they found out about Ed's sauce.

Correction: After Dexter calls everyone to try the sauce it cuts to the manager who gets up to see whats up. So we don't see the exact amount of time it takes.


Correction: He starts wiping the sauce off as soon as he is hit, it cuts to Ed then back to Dexter. Enough time to wipe off the majority of the sauce.


Corrected entry: When Otis is sent to Demented Hills, he tells Ed and Dexter about what Mondo Burger have done. He then informs them that it is 6am. Yet in the next scene, there is sunlight streaming through the windows.

Correction: It is possible for it to be 6 a.m. and not be dark.

Corrected entry: The evening Mondo Burger opens, Otis says "closing time at last" as Kurt walks in. In the next shot when Mondo Burger lights up all it's expensive lights and the electricity is cut at Good Burger, Dexter asks if they can go home as if it hasn't been closing time already.

Correction: The only reason Dexter asked to go home is because he wasn't sure if the boss wanted them to stay to help him get over the other burger place opening or help try to get the power back on. He was just being nice and you think its a mistake. Also, restaurant employees stay quite a while after closing time to clean up and put things away, etc.

Corrected entry: When Ed tackles the old lady to stop her from eating the poison sauce, he tells Dexter that he tackled her. Dexter says, "All right, Ed!" even though he didn't know that the old lady was about to eat the poison sauce.

Correction: Dexter knows that the people in Good Burger are most likely there to have a burger with sauce. so he says "good job, Ed" based on the assumption that he did a good thing.


Correction: The ladies ordered extra sauce; mostly everyone likes the sauce, that's why Good Burger is still in business, and also why Ed thought the ladies were eating the poisoned sauce.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Dexter and Ed are sitting outside Good Burger and the dog comes up to bark at Ed, Ed says the dog is saying that there are four clowns with a broken down car but when they show the clowns there are five of them.

Correction: This isn't really a mistake. For one thing, the number of clowns was counted by a dog, and secondly, the dog told this to Ed. Within the context of the movie, it would be easy for either of them to get mixed up.


Correction: Ed is not quite fluent in dog language yet, so it's completely possible that he mistranslated the dog's sentence.

Corrected entry: When Ed "hears" the dog, it tells him there are four clowns in a broken down car. When we see the clowns in the cut away gag, there are 5. It is possible that the extra came out of the car (like a clown car) but not likley. It is also unlikely that Ed mis"heard" the dog, since that would defeat the gag. Finally, if it were a deliberate gag to have a fifth clown, there would be more emphasis on it.

Correction: There are a couple variables here. The dog may have only seen four clowns, making his statment true. Or Ed may have mistranslated the dog, which still adds humour to the gag.


Correction: Who's to say that Dexter didn't sidetrack to some other location prior to his arrival in the neighborhood, giving Mr. Wheat (that's the teacher's name) more than enough time to make it to the same location? There are several exterior shots of Dexter driving around without any conversation voice-over, or anything else that matter, to indicate a sense of "real time."


Correction: This is only because here Monique knows that Ed can't be there to take the order. At the beginning she didn't know if Ed was at work or not.

Correction: You can see Otis walk away.


Corrected entry: Ed should not have been able to jump through the glass at Demented Hills. If we accept the fact that the "big scary guy" was the only one strong enough to throw them through bulletproof, shatterproof glass, then Ed should have just bounced off the glass.

Correction: Shatterproof glass can surprisingly be shattered depending on how old it is and how much wear and tear it has gone through, such as weather like high winds, extreme heat/cold, etc. Since we don't know what it's been through, we can't say that Ed would not have gone through it.


Audio problem: As they are running away in the ice cream truck, Ed turns on the jingle and starts dancing. Dexter gets annoyed and turns the jingle off, but the music stops about a second before he hits the button.

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Kurt: I want you to bail on Good Burger. You make your sauce for Kurt.
Ed: Who's Kurt?
Kurt: I'm Kurt.
Ed: I'm Ed.
Kurt: I'm aware.
Ed: You said you were Kurt.

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Answer: We don't know that he doesn't. He could simply go to a different school where the school year ends slightly earlier. It's also possible that he's already graduated or dropped out.


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