Good Burger

Continuity mistake: When Ed is skating through the park and the baby gets mixed up with the players, they throw the baby through the hoop. If you watch, the man who threw the baby through the hoop doesn't have sleeves, but when it shows the baby being caught, the catcher has sleeves. Then it goes back to the person who supposedly caught him, but he has no sleeves again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene near the end of the movie, where Ed and Dexter are about to sneak into Mondo Burger to steal the chemical, when they hide behind the moving Frito-Lay truck they are still in the uniforms from Demented Hills, but in the next shot when they sneak around the corner, they are back in their Good Burger uniforms. And you never see the Demented Hills clothes again.

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Suggested correction: They have their good burger uniforms on the whole time, they never changed outfits.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Dexter and Ed are thrown into the cushioned room in the insane asylum, Ed's hands are not handcuffed. The camera then shows Dexter and Ed says to look what he can do. As he is jumping off the wall you can see that his hands are handcuffed. The next time it shows Ed jumping, his hands are not handcuffed anymore.

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Continuity mistake: As Mr. Bailey brings back a Mondo Burger, Spatch picks it up with a spatula. The close up scene shows the spatula bending. Not only should the burger have fallen off, as Spatch throws the spatula back down, the spatula is straight again as he grunts off.

Continuity mistake: When Dexter and Ed get back to Good Burger after being chased, he runs in and tackles the old lady. When he hits her, he is parallel to the lady's body with his arms wrapped around her. But when he lands, he is laying perpendicular across her with his arms outstretched.

Continuity mistake: When Kurt calls the kitchen he says that he wants the burgers bigger. When he gets off the phone he says that the burgers are three times the size of Good Burgers. He never told the kitchen how big to make them.


Audio problem: As they are running away in the ice cream truck, Ed turns on the jingle and starts dancing. Dexter gets annoyed and turns the jingle off, but the music stops about a second before he hits the button.

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Mr. Baily: What was our take today?
Fizz: 43 dollars and 9 cents.
Mr. Baily: That's it? Well, I suppose I could always feed my mother cat food.
Dexter: Now probably wouldn't be the best time to ask for a raise?
Mr. Baily: No.

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Trivia: When Ed tackles the old lady, look closely and you can see that her dentures fell out.

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Question: What's the name of the song that the inmates at the asylum are dancing to?

Answer: "(Not Just) Knee Deep" by George Clinton And The Funkadelics.

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