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Corrected entry: When Lilly Tomlin is driving the car with Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton, and the body in the trunk, there's a small accident, and one of the tail lights gets smashed. A cop pulls them over and makes a whole ordeal ABOUT the tail light being broken. Yet as soon as they manage to pull away from the cop, both tail lights are on and equally functioning perfectly.


Correction: Lily Tomlin is pulled over for her left taillight blinking, NOT broken. She has left her signal on due to all the drama and when the officer asks her if she left it on, she states "no" and returns the turn signal stalk to the off position, making it clear she doesn't want to get a ticket. This is when the "short in the trunk" is suggested by the officer.

Corrected entry: In the relatively brief scene in which Jane Fonda is coming home from her first day at work, she walks up the outside stairs to her apartment only to find her ex-husband waiting at the top of the stairs. When we first see Jane ascending the stairs, there is no car sitting in the street behind/below her. But, after she sees her husband and greets him ("Dick!"), we see that the red car is parked down in the street with his new woman sitting in the passenger seat (so there is no way she was driving, circling the block or anything like that). The car would have had to have been there before. It "appears" out of nowhere.

Correction: The red car was there the whole time. The stairs to the apartment (which is on a corner) are two separate sets. When Judy's first walking up, we see one side of the street corner, but the view changes and we see the other side of the street corner and the red car is there.

Corrected entry: When Hart is first seen in his restricting attire (butch collar and all), Doralee says that she got rid of all of the razors "just in case." Even though Hart does not shave for weeks, we never see any stubble on him.

Paul Pepiton

Correction: He used an electric razor, supervised by the women.

Corrected entry: The warning on the box of rat poison says "Caution: keep out of reach of small children." Any sort of poison would say "Danger" and have a much more serious warning.

Correction: There is no way to know what brand of pesticide this is. In addition, in the time period that this movie is set, product warning labels were MUCH more lax than they are today.


Corrected entry: In Lilly Tomlin's fantasy scene, she sticks the spoon (all the way up to its handle) into the poisoned coffee mug. When she takes out the spoon, only half of the bowl part of the spoon is eaten away.

Correction: Perhaps by dipping the spoon in so deep, the poisoned coffee started eating away at it upwards. Besides everything else, this IS a dream sequence, when logic is an aside.


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Doralee Rhodes: You know... I just don't get it, Dwayne.
Dwayne Rhodes: What's that, honey?
Doralee Rhodes: I'm as nice as I know how to be to every single person in that office. Everyone treats me like a... bastard at a family reunion.

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Question: If they hate their jobs then why not quit and sue their boss?


Answer: It's not easy to just quit and find a new job and they would not have good references. Lawsuits are difficult, being long, involved, and expensive processes with no guarantees of winning. (If one loses, they can be responsible for the other party's legal costs.) The three women were at a distinct disadvantage as they'd be up against an entire company that most likely would protect the boss, as they'd also be liable for allowing his abuse and be forced to implement new policies. The ladies also wanted to take a stand and fight back, not just for themselves, but for the other women who worked there, making positive company-wide changes while keeping the boss locked up.

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