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Corrected entry: When the bride is eating rice with Pai Mei she is having trouble with the chopsticks. Before she throws down the chopsticks the rice bowl is very full and has a level top layer of rice. After she throws the chopsticks down and tries to eat with her hands, there is less rice in the bowl and a pile in the center of the bowl for her to grab. (00:56:00)


Correction: The bowl of rice she successfully eats out of is a different bowl of rice. The first one he tosses the rice out of it on to the floor, and then slides her a completely different bowl of rice.

Corrected entry: When Budd shoots Beatrix with rock salt, her chest is bloodily obliterated. But when she confronts Bill just a few days or weeks later, her exposed decolletage is perfect, unscathed and unblemished. In fact, despite the fact that the time frame allows little to no recovery time between battles, every time Beatrix kills off a new member of the Viper Assassination Squad, she shows no bruises or scars from the wounds she received previously.

Correction: We are never told how much time has passed between each member that she kills, so no mistake can be made, as she could have waited until her wounds healed before meeting the next person on the list. This seems to make sense, seeing as how entering a battle with fresh wounds would give your opponent a definite advantage over you.


Corrected entry: In the coffin, The Bride looks down to her feet and you can see a small camera disguised as a knot in the wood. It's used to take subsequent shots. (00:57:55)

David Mercier

Correction: It IS a knot hole. No camera that would be even remotely useful to a film crew would have a lens that small. Besides, I'm sure the coffin was constructed so that the sides, top, etc. could be removed for filming, so why would they resort to this?

Tax Dude

Corrected entry: When a man (not Budd) has finished burying Beatrix, he seems to drink a whole can of beer in just three small sips.

Correction: When the man is throwing the can, it's pretty clear the can still has liquid in it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Uma gets shot in the church, Sofie Fatale is not in the church, but she was in the church at this time in Vol. 1.

Correction: She obviously comes in later on. The church scene is NOT shown in full in Vol 2. We only get to see everyone getting shot (from the external view). We don't see the bride being beat-up by the gang (as shown in Vol 1.), during which Sofie could enter the church.


Corrected entry: Bill shoots the Bride in her leg with a dart from behind the bar but it should be sticking out at a much shallower angle since it was fired only slightly downwards.

Correction: She was starting to get up when the shot was fired. If he hit her at the right time, the angle is correct.

Corrected entry: When Bill drops the bride off at Pai Mei's temple, he says good bye at the truck. He then takes off in the truck. Before he gets into the truck it is pointed in the direction of the steps and the trees. It is still pointed in that direction as he says good bye and starts up the truck. When he hits the accelerator the truck is now pointed in the direction of the road and goes straight down the road that was off to the right side. (00:45:00)


Correction: He backs up before driving off down the road.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Elle is talking to Budd as he dies, there is a porn mag next to his head with a large phone number across it, but upside down, reading "TAWT-KRAD-008-1". After he dies, Elle phones Bill and you can see over her shoulder Budd's head with the mag now facing 180 degrees the other way.

Correction: There are 2 copies of the (presumably same) magazine (perhaps 2 separate issues, same ad on the back), and they are positioned with one turned 180 degrees on top of the other.


Corrected entry: At the church, the priest says the bride's side is on the right, but when Bill arrives, the groom tells him the bride's side is on the left.


Correction: The pastor actually just indicates with his hands that there is normally a "bride's side" and a "groom's side" - he does not specify which is which. When Bill comes in, it's the groom Tommy who points Bill to the "bride's side" on the left. *When the pastor indicates with his hands, he implies 'his left' but he is facing the pews; so 'the left' for someone entering the church is the side that Tommy points out.


Corrected entry: During the fight scene between Elle and Beatrix, as Beatrix discovers Budd's Hanso sword, 15 seconds elapse from when Elle was shown striding down the hallway toward the trailer living room and when she picked up and unsheathed the sword. The sword was seen earlier in the fight when she tried to climb back through the bathroom wall to get it, and it was only about 3 feet away from the entrance from the hallway to the living room, so it makes no sense for her to delay long enough to allow Beatrix to get the sword from the golf bag and read the inscription.

Correction: Elle is all about the drama, as evidenced by that production she put on with the snake that she used to kill Budd. It actually makes perfect sense that she'd wait for Beatrix to get the sword, in order to make her victory that much more dramatic and exciting.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Pai Mai has the "traditional" obviously-stuck-on, netting-backed beard, mustache, and hair which was always so painfully visible in samurai movies and TV shows such as "Monkey", amongst others. The mannerisms of Pai Mai, and the use of sudden camera zoom-ins and angles are all an homage to the classic Japanese martial arts movies from the 1960's and 1970's, which is never seen now as film makers strive for "realism".

Correction: It is well known that Tarantino meant for this series to be an homage to various kung-fu films. The fact that the stereotypes are so blatantly exploited is not trivia.

Corrected entry: When Beatrix and Elle run at each other with the swords, go frame by frame. They are just running around each other, Beatrix runs closest to the wall while Elle runs closest to the bathroom. (01:19:30)

Correction: The rules of the site are clear. Anything requiring frame-by-frame is NOT a valid mistake.

Corrected entry: Budd only told Elle the name of the grave that the bride was buried in. She wrote this down. How is it that when she tells Bill where to deliver flowers Elle has the name of the cemetery and the directions to the cemetery? (01:05:50 - 01:13:50)


Correction: Because this happens in a very small country town; there is only one cemetary there. After Elle heard from Budd that the Bride had been defeated, she would know that's where Beatrix would be buried. All the additional information she needed from Budd was the name of the grave.


Corrected entry: When Bill fires two shots at Bea when she tries to grab the sword off the TV, wouldn't her daughter have woken up from the loud noises? Or wouldn't the neighbors call the police?

Correction: First of all, a little girl would probably be so scared from hearing gun-blasts, she would be stiff as a rock, frozen with fear. Second, for all we know, Bill paid off the people who own the building (or any neightbors) to never call the police no matter what they hear. After all, that is the sort of thing he'd do.

Corrected entry: Watch the clock behind Uma Thurman when she is talking to the assassin sent by Lisa Wong. The time says 2:52, then 2:53 in the next shot and then 2:54 in the next shot, although not a minute has passed. Then in the next shot it says 2:52 again. (01:51:10)

Correction: Time code is 1:51:10 and, as far as I could tell the clock's numerals are too blurred throughout this sequence to tell what time it's showing. The blurring may have been deliberately done on the DVD to fix the mistake.

Tax Dude

Corrected entry: In the scene with Elle in Budd's trailer, just after he dies and she finishes her monologue with him, she proceeds to the pile of money near the door and starts throwing bunches of it back into the red bag. Watch Budd's body. As soon as the first wad of cash hits the bag, Budd flinches noticeably. (01:13:00)

Correction: Budd wasn't completely dead yet. The snake's venom kills within 20 minutes and only a few minutes passed since he got bitten. The snake's venom caused paralysis, causing his muscles not to move. His brain would still be alive and trying to move his body, causing some movement on the muscles that were not completely paralysed yet.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, where Bill is talking to Beatrix about Superman and alter egos (inside the house), he shoots her in the knee cap with a dart gun. Then, the next morning, when she's carrying B.B., she isn't limping and she shouldn't even be able to carry anything the weight of a small child.

Correction: The dart would not have damaged her leg enough to cause her to limp, nor did it contain anything that could prevent her from carrying her child or doing other work.

Corrected entry: The Bride discovers she's pregnant and disappears during a hit. Bill, thinking Beatrix is dead, mourns for 4 months, then discovers Beatrix in Two Pines, TX, getting married and WAY larger than a pregnant woman in the fourth month could ever be, unless she was carrying octuplets.

Correction: The Bride was probably about three months pregnant when she did the test. That would make her seven months gone when Bill caught up with her at Two Pines - she looks about right.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene outside Bud's trailer Beatrix has been shot, in the next scene she emerges from the coffin without a mark on her.

Correction: She was shot with rock salt. Its only designed to hurt, not kill or mark.


Corrected entry: Before the fight scene in the trailer between Elle and The Bride, Bud's body has gone. Elle was picking up her cash, not moving the body before The Bride arrived.

Correction: Bud's body has not gone; at one point in the fight one of the women even bounces off him. He may be out of some shots, but he is definitely there.

STP Premium member

Kill Bill: Volume 2 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Bill is cutting the crusts off a sandwich towards the end, he cuts two off, goes to remove the third, then the angle changes and he's now cutting it in half. After that we hear him sweep the crusts off the board and see him hand the sandwich to BB, then a shot or two later crusts are back on the board and he cleans them off again to make another sandwich. (01:29:05)

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Bill: No. You're not a bad person. You're a terrific person. You're my favorite person, but every once in a while, you can be a real c**t.

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Question: Why did Elle kill Budd? Was it really just to get her hands on Kiddo's sword? or was it more to it? As poor as he was seems like she could have just offered him a small amount of money for it. Why kill him?

Carl Missouri

Chosen answer: The way she talks to Budd as he lies dying, seems to indicate that she has disliked and hated him for years, plus the fact that she feels that he was not "worthy" of killing Kiddo (seeing how Kiddo was a fantastic warrior, while Budd is an alcoholic hick). However, it would be difficult for her to get close enough to kill him earlier, as he would not buy any excuse why she just came visiting. But when Budd actually invites her over, she gets a chance to get back at him, and in the same while take the credit for killing the Bride and retrieving her Hanzo sword for Bill. Vengeance and personal gain in one swoop.


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