Kill Bill: Volume 2

Now that the Bride has killed Vernita Green/"Copperhead" and O-Ren Ishii/"Cottonmouth" and her 'Crazy 88' gang, the "Black Mamba" has only three left on her Death List: Budd/"Sidewinder" (Michael Madsen), Bill's brother; Elle Driver/"California Mountain Snake" (Daryl Hannah), the deadly one-eyed assassin; and, of course, Bill/"Snake Charmer" (David Carradine), her boss, teacher, and lover. However, Bill does possess one thing that keeps the ball in his court: B.B. (Perla Haney-Jardine), the daughter the Bride thought she had lost in her coma. And now, at this point, the Bride knows only one thing: in the end, she will kill Bill.

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