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Corrected entry: Rebecca Leeman is seventeen, otherwise she wouldn't be allowed to participate in the American Teen Princess Pageant. But it is stated in the pageant that seventeen years earlier, her mom had been crowned Mount Rose American Teen Princess. Had Gladys already had Becky? Doesn't having a baby by seventeen make it extremely unlikely that she would win?

Correction: Knowing how determined and "win no matter what" the Leeman family is (based on Rebecca and Gladys, anyhow), it would seem likely that Gladys must have already had Rebecca earlier in the year than the pageant, and thus she'd have enough time to prepare herself.


Corrected entry: In the scene where they're interviewing the cops about how Amber's house caught on fire, the cop says, "We figured out on Amber's farm." Well, Amber lives in a trailer, not on a farm.

Correction: The line in the film is, "Oh yeah the Atkins Fire" Amber's last name is Atkins.

Corrected entry: In the scene where a spotlight falls on Jenelle, it shouldn't have hit her directly on the head like that. The spotlight was intended for Kirsten Dunst, who was supposed to be on stage at that time. But Kirsten Dunst would have had completely different marks in her act, so the other girl wouldn't have been in the spot where the light had been arranged to fall.


Correction: It is just a coincidence. And there is no evidence that shows Dunst and the girl who replaces her would have to have different marks. Both girls have been shown to be all over the stage.

Corrected entry: Just before the girls are to go on for the physical fitness number, they pick up their stools that have just been painted and complain that their hands are sticking to the wet paint. The dance teacher then offers them vaseline for their teeth. There's no paint on their hands as they put the vaseline on their teeth.

Correction: The movie is in documentary form, so it's no surprise that the film students making the film would edit out or even refraim from shooting a redundent scene like the girls getting the paint off their hands before putting the vaseline on their teeth.

Corrected entry: After Rebecca is blown up, Gladys yells at Amber "I should have killed you when I had the chance!", making it sound like she decided not to kill her. But she blew up Amber's trailer and dropped a stage light where she was supposed to be standing: wasn't she trying to kill her?

Correction: What she means is, she should have taken advantage of more chances to have killed her even if those chances would mean more of a chance of getting caught. Better to get caught than to have her daughter die. But that was irrelevent, and was stated in a paniced situation.

Corrected entry: If Sarah Rose Cosmetics has been seized by the IRS, how did all the girls wind up on a bus together on their way to the supposed national pageant?


Correction: The IRS shut them down before the girls arrived. When they left, or when the semi-finals took place, Sarah Rose could've still been in business.

Other mistake: At the beginning of the movie it states that the documentary crew went to Mount Rose in 1995 for its fiftieth anniversary. Yet when the crew is interviewing Amber, after her costume is stolen, the graffiti on the wall next to her has the dates 1996 and 1997.

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Colleen Douglas: Stop with the friggin' Marco Polo or I'll come over there and rip your fat little heads off.

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Trivia: A joke that most don't catch right away: When they're in the hospital after the explosion and the doctor's unwrapping Annette's hand and we see the beer can is still stuck to it. They only make a brief mention to this but never explain that the heat from the explosion made Annette's Lee press-on nails (which are plastic) melt around the beer can making it impossible to get the can off without amputation.

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Question: Please explain this line to me: in the hospital talking to the camera, she says, 'Mom still cries when she sees a tilt-o-whirl and a fat lady in a tube top.'

Answer: The girl's father was a carnie (carnival worker), and he left her mother to continue being one. Apparently tilt-o-whirls and fat ladies in tube tops bring back memories.

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