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Corrected entry: The Red Queen refers to the "Licker" as a "Hunter" - that is incorrect.

Correction: How is it incorrect? She's just using "hunter" as a descriptive term, referring to the fact that it's a fierce beast that hunts its targets. (Similar to how you might call a cat a "hunter" because it hunts small birds and rodents.) There's absolutely nothing wrong with her calling it a hunter.


Agreed the licker hunts out targets to attack. Making it a hunter.

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Corrected entry: The zombified people in the movie have trouble moving around (slow, rigid). The zombified dogs, however, conveniently keep all their former speed and reflexes.

Correction: Not necessarily a mistake. The T-virus simply affected the dogs differently. After all, none of the humans looked like they had been completely skinned did they?

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Fully mutated hunter zombies could climb walls, rip through steel, and were fast enough to dodge bullets from special forces soldiers. Regular humans got minimally infected, and died instead of mutating.

The movies, all of them never refer to any of the infected as zombie or zombie-like. The omitting of that was pointedly intentional. The virus, as mentioned in Movie 2, had already begun to mutate. The Dogs were housed in the experiment area of the floor plan; just as in the 1st spread scenes where water fills the experiment room, if you look at the table when the scientists come in, a dead rabbit is laid open. Basically, it mutated depending on what it infected and what was infected.

Corrected entry: When Milla is fighting the dogs, and the camera pans across their faces, it's obvious that computer effects were used to make the dogs appear to have missing parts (ie. sections of ears, throats, etc. since the real dogs used in the scene would not have such extensive injuries).

Correction: Computer effects or not, these dogs are zombies. They look dead, weird and artificial. There is nothing obvious or revealing with the special effects in this scene.


Corrected entry: After most of the team is killed inside the chamber with the lasers, everyone else leaves, only to return to find the bodies missing. Granted, it's supposed to be creepy, but there really was no one around to take the bodies or the equipment away. The Red Queen isn't physical, the zombies would have left bones or some sort of mess, and the licker would have also left such a mess.


Correction: This may seem wrong but this is actually just a sort of homage to the games. When an enemy or any person in the game is killed and the player leaves the room, when the room is revisited the bodies disappear.

The characters even reference the bodies being gone.

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Corrected entry: In the scene by the elevator at the start where the woman gets stuck in the lift doors and gets decapitated you clearly can see the skyline of the city filled with other skyscrapers and it is broad daylight outside the window, yet the Hive is located underground.

Correction: When the team first enter that part Matt says something about how since they have a view it makes it easier to work underground. my guess it's computer generated.

Corrected entry: When Alice awakens in what looks like a stainless steel bin, there is a long scratch on her right shoulder. Throughout the rest of the movie, the scratch is seen on her left shoulder. (00:05:00)

Correction: The scar actually is on her left shoulder throughout the movie, but in the beginning, when the scar is emphasised, she is looking at it in the mirror, thus making it look like being on her right. The stainless steel bin looks more like a sophisticated sort of shower to me, by the way.

I'm correcting the "correction." The scar is shown on her right shoulder in the mirror, NOT her left; and as she's putting on her white silky robe make-up is revealing damage to the back of her right shoulder.

Corrected entry: We know Alice and Spence are the hive's first defense. So the first thing the queen does after the infection is to knockout and disable her own defenses? That isn't very smart.


Correction: Yes Spence and Alice are part of the defense network of the hive, however they're more directly linked to the safety and security of the installation from outside threats and possibly internal ones. When the Queen enacted her security measures, those measures, knockout chemical, putting Spence and Alice asleep in simply coincidental. Remember that the hive dealing with a very dangerous virus and like all similar installations, real or fiction, the #1 goal is to contain all threats as quickly as possible. Remember that it is spence who stole the virus and purposely set off the events that caused the queen to take the security measures she did. Now maybe, and we're never informed about such, Spence and Alice have been trained about the gas and would have taken measures to avoid being knocked out if it were not for the situations they were in when it happened. Remember Alice was in a shower and Spence was almost back out of the hive facility proper. He even said in the movie something about he thought he could make it out of the hive and the house before the security measures all came about. The Queen was just protecting the installation and reacting with a response level equal to the threat it faced which meant all security measures that were possible to use were done so.

Corrected entry: When the man in the suit lifts the blue test tube at the start of the film, he lifts them vertically, but in the next shot, they're at 45 degrees. (00:02:00)

Correction: The man in the suit has the ability to move the mechanical arms, there is enough time time off screen to move the arms to show the vial at 45°. Also, the grip by the black pincers is the same when he lifts the tube up, and when we see it at 45°, indicating that the arms have been moved to position the vial at that angle.

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Corrected entry: When the code is entered for the door after the first zombie fight, the guy entering it says "got it". His lips aren't in sync with the words.


Correction: If you watch and listen carefully, you'll notice JD is mouthing the word "five", the last number he typed in. The words "Got it" are a question asked by Spence, who is off camera.

Corrected entry: When Alice has the mutated licker's tongue trapped in the metal grate with a pipe, the trapdoors are opened and the licker is electrocuted on the traintrack. Miraculously, Alice can hold onto the metal pipe attached to the licker's tongue without being electrocuted also.


Correction: The train has a single middle rail as power supply. This makes it likely the other required pole are the rails the train is driving on. (This is how it works for normal electrical trains too.) Under this reasonable assumption the licker is electrocuted because he touches the middle rail as well as (one of) the driving rails and the current flows between the first and the latter. Then there is no reason, why Alice, standing on the train and thus having a much higher resistance between the two rails should be electrocuted.

Corrected entry: In the first scene, the man in the suit wears a surgical mask over the lower half of his face. When Spence remembers it later, he wears no mask under the suit. (00:02:00 - 01:12:35)


Correction: They most likely showed Spence without the mask in the flashback as a visual confirmation that it was indeed Spence in the suit. And probably also to show that it was him acting alone since Milla's character couldn't remember if it was herself who had betrayed Lisa.

Corrected entry: If the zombies have "virtually no intelligence", then how can they walk, or carry axes with them?

Correction: It is actually stated by the Red Queen herself that the undead have the simplest of motor functions. You don't have to be intelligent to know how to walk.


Corrected entry: In the laser room on the way to the Red Queen, a female soldier loses her head. This happens while she stands on the right side of the corridor. Later, when you see the dead bodies lying on the floor, she lies on the left side.

Correction: If you look closely she is still lying on the right side of the corridor.


Corrected entry: At the beginning when the experiment room is being flooded, you see one guy take the axe to try and break the window. Later when he is a zombie you see he has it in his hand. Towards the end of the movie you see Rain take the axe out of the holder in the same room. You know it's the same room because the female scientist is still there and it's the same room the broken virus was in. (00:05:10 - 01:18:25)

Correction: The male scientist got the axe from a sliding cupboard door. Rain (Michelle Rodriquez) got her axe from a different cupboard which looks like there's a small gas tank next to it and the door to the cupboard has hinges.

Corrected entry: At the start, Spence bumps into a guy walking towards the elevator with a coffee in his hand. In this shot, Spence doesn't look at him at all and just walks on with his head down. In the flashback where Spence remembers everything, he does look at the guy after bumping into him.

Correction: The first scene is what really happened. Perhaps the second scene is Spence's memory of what happened, and thus not completely accurate.

Corrected entry: The Ops team have their names on the left breast of their jackets. The Medic, however, has the word "Medic" rather than her name. (00:32:45)

Correction: Perhaps for the one of the reasons medics use red cross armbands. It might be more important to know who is a medic more than his name.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the lasers, the laser turns into a grid and cuts One up into little cubes. Problem is, the lasers came towards him, not from above. Because of this, he wouldn't have been cut from the top, and so would only have been cut into strips.

Correction: He's cut into square prisms, which is consistent with the lasers' approach. When viewed from the front or back it's a grid pattern, but if viewed from the side (which we don't see) it's strips. After he collapses, of course, the strips don't maintain their shape.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Alice fights the dogs, why was she there, alone, in the first place? They've determined that the whole place is unsafe, and she certainly wouldn't go anywhere on her own.

Correction: She was probably looking for Matt who had disappeared at that point.

Corrected entry: J.D. was pulled into an elevator filled with a large group of rather hungry zombies that overpower him. Yet, during the Red Queen's speech about the T-Virus causing "re-animation of the body", we see J.D.'s body come back to life with mere gashes. Guess they lost their appetite? (00:45:05 - 00:58:55)

Correction: It may be that the creatures only eat fresh DNA (in other words, warm flesh). But once he died, his DNA obviously wasn't fresh, therefore the creatures don't eat him. That is also the explanation as to why the creatures don't eat each other.

Corrected entry: After Rain and J.D. shoot the first zombie in white, she suddenly disappears. She disappears with five or six people around. It made so much noise before, it's not likely that it would be able to crawl away without a sound. (00:40:20)


Correction: It is possible that it can move away silently - when around 100 zombies come in the same scene, They were only able to hear the one dragging the axe, and they didn't hear them coming up behind Spence whilst travelling through the power/sewer tunnels.

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Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film, on the train ride out of the Hive, Rain is quite close to becoming undead. When she speaks, we notice her teeth are still "movie-star white". However, a few shots later, when she becomes a zombie, she sort of hisses where you can see it has taken what couldn't have been more than a few mere minutes for her teeth to become brown and discolored. (01:21:00)


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Rain: She bit me man! I mean she took a chunk clean right out of me!

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Trivia: In the final scene when Milla Jovovich emerges from Racoon City Hospital into the ruined city, a newspaper blows past in the wind with the headline "The Dead Walk" - a blatant reference to George Romero's classic zombie flick "Day of the Dead" where a newspaper with the same headline blows past in the opening sequence. (01:30:00)

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Question: Why is the game series this is based on known as 'Resident Evil' in some countries but in others it's called 'Biohazard'? Does the name swap also apply to the film?

Answer: The game was originally called 'BioHazard' in Japan, but because of copyright problems with the band Biohazard, was named 'Resident Evil' in the US and Europe. However most hard-core gamers call it 'BioHazard' no matter where they live. For more info, check out

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