Resident Evil

Corrected entry: We know Alice and Spence are the hive's first defense. So the first thing the queen does after the infection is to knockout and disable her own defenses? That isn't very smart.


Correction: Yes Spence and Alice are part of the defense network of the hive, however they're more directly linked to the safety and security of the installation from outside threats and possibly internal ones. When the Queen enacted her security measures, those measures, knockout chemical, putting Spence and Alice asleep in simply coincidental. Remember that the hive dealing with a very dangerous virus and like all similar installations, real or fiction, the #1 goal is to contain all threats as quickly as possible. Remember that it is spence who stole the virus and purposely set off the events that caused the queen to take the security measures she did. Now maybe, and we're never informed about such, Spence and Alice have been trained about the gas and would have taken measures to avoid being knocked out if it were not for the situations they were in when it happened. Remember Alice was in a shower and Spence was almost back out of the hive facility proper. He even said in the movie something about he thought he could make it out of the hive and the house before the security measures all came about. The Queen was just protecting the installation and reacting with a response level equal to the threat it faced which meant all security measures that were possible to use were done so.

Corrected entry: Why didn't Umbrella's higher ups just ask Red Queen what happened before sending in an assault team? She could have told them the T-virus was released and the hive would have stayed sealed. Instead, they just assumed she was nuts and sent in people to shut her down! Had even one of them said, "What happened?", the zombies would have never been released - it's a plot hammer that contradicts the whole point of having an AI run the hive. There should have been a line that said something like "All attempts to communicate with Red Queen so far have failed. The whole point of an AI that has the capability to seal the Hive is to keep the virus from escaping! Her refusal to communcate guarantees that the hive will be breached by a team that is investigating.

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Correction: She wasn't meant to keep the hive shut as the virus was meant to get out. Via the final movie.

Corrected entry: Red Queen is extremely conveniently programmed for the plot of the movie. 1. Rather than seal off rooms in a place she has TOTAL control of, (that by the way is designed to be isolated in sections for this very reason), she lets the infection spread to everybody in the Hive. She could have easily contained it in a small section of the facility. This is standard procedure in ANY biowarfare lab, there is no way she wouldn't be programmed to do it. 2. Rather than let everyone know the virus is loose, she just starts killing everyone. She had counter-virus available, why not let everyone know that they are locked in with the virus, but help is coming? The infected personnel would be hit with it only minutes after infection. If it didn't work and they died, they are still locked in. 3. Instead of calling Umbrella and telling them the virus is loose, she clams up and just slaughters everyone. This guarantees that Umbrella will ignore anything she has to say, and breach the Hive with a response team and release the virus, the very thing she is programmed to prevent. 4. When Kaplan is disabling her, she keeps telling him that it's a bad idea, but doesn't bother to let him know that shutting her down will release hordes of flesh-eating killers. 5. She just assumes that Spence, no matter how he got in to the T-virus storage has clearance to stuff it all in a duffel bag and walk out with it. She could have locked him in and double-checked with Umbrella. 6. The entire reason for her existence is to prevent the virus from escaping, while almost every decision she makes greatly increases the chances it will get out of the Hive. This is way beyond bad programming - this is highly advanced AI doing the exact opposite of what she's designed for.

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Correction: She isn't allowed to help them since the viral outbreak was on purpose. Via the final movie.

Corrected entry: When the man in the suit lifts the blue test tube at the start of the film, he lifts them vertically, but in the next shot, they're at 45 degrees. (00:02:00)

Correction: The man in the suit has the ability to move the mechanical arms, there is enough time time off screen to move the arms to show the vial at 45°. Also, the grip by the black pincers is the same when he lifts the tube up, and when we see it at 45°, indicating that the arms have been moved to position the vial at that angle.

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Corrected entry: In the passage to the Queen's chamber when the laser is coming towards the woman standing, you can see she is looking towards it. A second later she turns her head towards it again. (00:31:20)


Correction: She is looking at the door where Alice is. She turns her head towards the laser when One yells for everyone to get down.


Corrected entry: Spence and Alice are charged with making sure no one without proper clearance gets into the Hive. Why then does Spence have the clearance to get into the Hive's most secret and secure area, the T-virus storage? Does a bank guard at the door have the combination to the vault? Can the guard in the entrance of a missile silo launch a missile? Of course not. There is no reason for him to have access that deep into the Hive. And while he may have bought the codes to get in, why does no one in the most secure facility in the world give him a second glance? Did he buy off every security guard and Red Queen as well?

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Correction: It is never mentioned that they don't have access to the hive. Comparing them to bank guards or silo guards is a moot point. This is a highly classified government facility. There is no law that says they cannot give them access to the inside of the hive.


Corrected entry: In the beginning, the people are trapped in the elevator. The woman tried to squeeze out to get help, and a long piece of hair hangs down. As the car drops, the hair hangs out at an angle, the same angle as when the car stops, and her head is inches above the floor. Gravity defying hair?

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Correction: Not gravity defying hair, gravity defying hair product. There's so much styling product in her hair that it's too fixed in place to fall straight down. Similar effect can be seen when a man's comb-over stands straight up in a crosswind instead of blowing out to the side.

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Corrected entry: When the code is entered for the door after the first zombie fight, the guy entering it says "got it". His lips aren't in sync with the words.


Correction: If you watch and listen carefully, you'll notice JD is mouthing the word "five", the last number he typed in. The words "Got it" are a question asked by Spence, who is off camera.

Corrected entry: Just after Alice escapes from the zombie dogs, Rain is shown counting her ammunition. She says, 'I have one in the breach and another magazine.' However you can see that the slide on her pistol has locked back (it doesn't return to the home position) meaning the chamber is actually empty.

Nik Rolls

Correction: While this is true, you can see (and hear) her inserting the magazine into the gun. Making what she said in fact true as well.


Corrected entry: When Alice awakens in what looks like a stainless steel bin, there is a long scratch on her right shoulder. Throughout the rest of the movie, the scratch is seen on her left shoulder. (00:05:00)

Correction: The scar actually is on her left shoulder throughout the movie, but in the beginning, when the scar is emphasised, she is looking at it in the mirror, thus making it look like being on her right.The stainless steel bin looks more like a sophisticated sort of shower to me, by the way.

Corrected entry: When Alice has the mutated licker's tongue trapped in the metal grate with a pipe, the trapdoors are opened and the licker is electrocuted on the traintrack. Miraculously, Alice can hold onto the metal pipe attached to the licker's tongue without being electrocuted also.


Correction: The train has a single middle rail as power supply. This makes it likely the other required pole are the rails the train is driving on. (This is how it works for normal electrical trains too.) Under this reasonable assumption the licker is electrocuted because he touches the middle rail as well as (one of) the driving rails and the current flows between the first and the latter. Then there is no reason, why Alice, standing on the train and thus having a much higher resistance between the two rails should be electrocuted.

Corrected entry: In the first scene, the man in the suit wears a surgical mask over the lower half of his face. When Spence remembers it later, he wears no mask under the suit. (00:02:00 - 01:12:35)


Correction: They most likely showed Spence without the mask in the flashback as a visual confirmation that it was indeed Spence in the suit. And probably also to show that it was him acting alone since Milla's character couldn't remember if it was herself who had betrayed Lisa.

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie the suit guy carrying his coffee gets bumped into from the back of his right shoulder, causing to spill his coffee over his shirt.When Spence is having his flashback and starting to remember things you see him bump into the suit guy from the back of his left shoulder.


Correction: We saw it the way it happened the first time, then we saw it the way Spence remembered it the second time. No one's memories are flawless, especially if they're just recovering them after having been hit with amnesia-inducing gas.

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Corrected entry: Surely in rooms where lethal viruses are handled and stored, even in outer rooms, you wouldn't have a ventilation system connected to the rest of the facility? (00:02:45)

Correction: The entire facility is under the control of the "Red Queen" computer program, who is the one responsible for killing everyone to prevent the infection from leaving. It's very likely she was able to shut down/manipulate the ventilation system to send the air flow to other parts of the Hive.


Corrected entry: In the laser corridor scene, the laser grid that kills One (the captain) is also assumed to have killed the soldier that had his fingers sliced off. If that's the case, then why is the gear that they brought with them inside the corridor intact? It should have been destroyed with the soldiers.

Correction: The laser grid that kills the captain is shut off by the other team member just as it finishes passing through his body, thus leaving the equipment intact.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the soldier gets killed by the grid of lasers you can see his body fragments falling to the ground in the reflection on the door, but they don't match the sounds of the fragments hitting the ground.

Correction: While it's true that the sound does not match the falling chunks we *see*, we do not however see the rest of his body, so the sound could be of pieces of his arms, and legs falling off etc.

Corrected entry: If the zombies have "virtually no intelligence", then how can they walk, or carry axes with them?

Correction: It is actually stated by the Red Queen herself that the undead have the simplest of motor functions. You don't have to be intelligent to know how to walk.


Corrected entry: What keeps the zombies from eating each other?

Correction: Resident Evil's zombies crave fresh, living meat, not the putrefying meat of other corpses. They're motivated to attack by hunger, so they only attack living things that look and smell appetizing. This is why JD is mostly intact even though he was in an elevator full of zombies - after they bit off enough to kill him they stopped eating him.


Corrected entry: The worker who gets coffee spilled on him says "thank you" differently during Spence's Flashback.

Correction: Spence is not going to remember it exactly as it happened. Like in any flashback, you won't remember every detail exactly as it was.

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Corrected entry: When Milla is fighting the dogs, and the camera pans across their faces, it's obvious that computer effects were used to make the dogs appear to have missing parts (ie. sections of ears, throats, etc. since the real dogs used in the scene would not have such extensive injuries).

Correction: Computer effects or not, these dogs are zombies. They look dead, weird and artificial. There is nothing obvious or revealing with the special effects in this scene.

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Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, Milla Jovovich reads a note that has been left on the desk. She didn't write it, as they demonstrate in the film. However, when they do show the person who wrote the note composing it, the handwriting is different from that in the note from the earlier scene. (00:10:20 - 01:12:25)

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