Resident Evil

The story is set around 'The Hive'. The Hive is an underground research laborotory, set deep under Raccoon City. this is run by a company called Umbrella, a huge corporation that has products in homes all over the world. to the public it makes healthcare and household products. secretly, they manufacturte Biological Weapons of War (B.O.W) for the military, specialising in viral weaponry. the main character, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is a security operative. she and another operative are placed in a huge mansion, where the secret entrance to the labs resides. they are placed there to protect that entrance. they have a fake marriage and past, so that it all looks legitimate.

Alice had a plan to bring Umbrella down. she got in touch with an Umbrella employee, who was secretly trying to gain access to bring Umbrella down. because Alice had security codes, access codes, the works, she was going to give them out. but this chance never arrived. her partner operative was listening in, and had his own plan. he would get the experimental T-Virus, and sell it on the black market. although he too never got the chance.

the operative took the T-Virus, and to make sure he got away, smashed a capsule to unleash it in the labs, making sure he got away in the havoc. what he didnt realise was the computer that controlled the hive had defense systems. it was called the 'Red Queen' designed to keep the Hive in order. Red Queen tried to contain the virus by killing all the workers in the labs, and gassing the upper levels. this gas would knock out the people, and give them memory loss. the operative only made it to the train, and got hit by the gas, as did Alice in the mansion.

As Alice awakens and walks around, she is found by a person who eventually turns out to be the brother of the Umbrella employee, killed in the labs. he poses as a cop, but they were both in an anti-Umbrella organisation. at this time, the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (UBCS) break in and try to recover survivors and find out what had happened. they make their way back down to the labs, bringing Alice, the fake cop, and Alice's partner with them. when they find out what had happened, and encounter the monsters down there, they try to escape, using the Red Queen for guidance. after losing most of the UBCS, they make it back to the exit of the labs, but Alice remembers her partners plan, and stops him. Alice, the fake cop, and a UBCS agent, Rain, escape, but are caught by a monster and Rain is killed. they eventually escape, but on leaving, mysterious Umbrella employees arrive and take the fake cop, who is infected, to be used as a test subject. they knock out Alice, and when she comes to, she has been tested, yet everyone is gone. she gets out of the room she is locked in, and the place is deserted. she steps outside, and everywhere is smashed up and there are burning cars and rubble.

looks like shes going to have to escape this nightmare too...

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Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film, on the train ride out of the Hive, Rain is quite close to becoming undead. When she speaks, we notice her teeth are still "movie-star white". However, a few shots later, when she becomes a zombie, she sort of hisses where you can see it has taken what couldn't have been more than a few mere minutes for her teeth to become brown and discolored. (01:21:00)


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Rain: She bit me man! I mean she took a chunk clean right out of me!

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Trivia: The train which the heroes catch to and from the umbrella facility is remarkably similar to the train at the end of the Resident Evil 2 game.

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Question: So when the game RE:2 came out there was an entry to win a role in the Resident Evil film. Who in this film was the winner of that contest or was a winner ever named? I ask because I found my old game disk and the entry was still in the case and I was wondering if someone did win, if so who was it?


Chosen answer: The winner was the English girl playing the Red Queen.

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