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Other mistake: The main character somehow finds Richard Aiken in a corridor that is locked with the armour key. The key is at the other end of the mansion so how did he get into the corridor without breaking the door down?

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Factual error: In the Gamecube version the last entry in George Trevor's diary is dated "November 31st" November only has 30 days.

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Suggested correction: While it is true that November only has thirty days, we have to remember that George Trevor has been lost in the mansion without food or water for a long period of time. He also admits that his sanity is slipping away, meaning that he most likely has lost his ability to properly keep track of time. Also, given that he is on death's door, it's very likely that he couldn't think straight.


Other mistake: Examining a green herb in the GameCube version will bring up the phrase, "An herb that's grow wild in this region." The phrase should've said "An herb that grows wild in this region."

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Other mistake: In the "Plant 42 Report", it says "It has been effected by the T-Virus differently.", yet it should say "affected".

Continuity mistake: In many interior places in the mansion heavy wind, rain or thunder/lightning can he heard on a continuous loop however when the player ventures to exterior locations in the mansion there is dead silence (to a point were only crickets can often be heard). This only applies to the 2002 RE remake to my knowledge.

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