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Corrected entry: Why does Jill need to find keys? If she is the "master of unlocking" then she should be able to pick the door locks no problem.

Correction: This is the Spencer Mansion. In the novels we learn that Spencer deliberately placed the riddles and locked the doors to hide the secrets of the hidden laboratory, so even the "master of unlocking" can't open them easily. Besides, the term "master of unlocking" might just refer to the fact that Jill has an advantage over Chris (he also finds the Sword key and the small one-use keys which Jill doesn't), not that Jill can open any door. Note that Wesker says in the Garden House that there are still rooms in the Mansion they haven't entered. Why should he say this if Jill can open them anyway?

Other mistake: The main character somehow finds Richard Aiken in a corridor that is locked with the armour key. The key is at the other end of the mansion so how did he get into the corridor without breaking the door down?

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