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Factual error: In the laser corridor, when the grid of lasers is formed, some of the lasers rotate to form the grid, and are no longer emitted from anything, they are just hanging in the air. (00:33:20)

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Suggested correction: All of the lasers are connected to the wall at some place. The angle of the lasers simply increases.

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Plot hole: Why does Umbrella know that Red Queen killed everyone, but not that the virus is loose? Is there no way to see into or receive data from the Hive other than Red Queen? Does every communication in or out have to be approved through her? And even if she is the sole conduit for information into and out of the Hive, her primary purpose for existing is to keep the T-virus from escaping. Umbrella THINKS that Red Queen has malfunctioned. BUT, she is working perfectly! So suppressing info that the T-virus is loose in the Hive would contradict her core programming. So why doesn't Umbrella know?

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Suggested correction: Umbrella knows the T-virus is loose, they wanted that to happen. They send the team in there to fight their creations, to test their creations. Not to shut the hive down, that was just a ruse. Also, it's possible the Hive Queen was never meant to keep the T-virus from escaping, Umbrella was the one to program her and Umbrella wants a whole lot of things to happen except containing the T-virus as we learn from the future movies. The hive Queen was just a controlling unit for the experiment of the hive, to help the experiment succeed.


Umbrella staging this experiment, Is that why the Red Queen didn't just have all staff come to a security Room to obtain the cure? Because we know there is a cure and we find out later from the red Queen herself that if you add minister the cure soon after the virus they individuals might survive. Yes I realise my question is based on a movie based on a game.

It's unclear why the Hive Queen acted as it did, either as part of the experiment or because the security measures just happened to help the experiment along. The original staff were never safe with the type of security it activated, the compound was already deemed lost, just containing it within was all the Hive Queen did. The rest is just a ruse.


I don't believe that is true either. It is canon now that Paul W S Anderson changed it but that is a plot hole within another plot hole because Spence didn't work for Umbrella and his motivations were not to spread the virus to start an apocalypse but to cover his tracks and steal the T Virus to sell on the black market. So in reality that is a plot hole even if the writer tried to change it.

It's not about spreading the virus, it's not about saving the people working at the hive. The Red Queen deemed the compound lost instead of trying to contain the virus and save the employees. Spence's actions were just convenient for Umbrella because it gave them the opportunity to test the virus.


Revealing mistake: Near the end right before the end credits we see the streets of Raccoon City completely destroyed, but if you look carefully you can see the background is repeating itself street by street. The best way to notice this is to look at the firetruck right before the end. There is a firetruck, a news van and a bus. Now look to the next street on the other side of the road and the exact same cars appear there. (01:37:05)

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Suggested correction: The final shot is of one long consecutive street. Where are the other streets where the traffic is supposed to repeat itself?

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Audio problem: In one of the scenes right before the solider get killed by the lasers and the alarm is sounding, the commander says to everyone "Hold your positions, everyone stay calm" but his lips aren't moving. (00:31:20)

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Suggested correction: Actually if you look closely they are. You can see the white of his teeth when he talks.

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Factual error: When Red Queen is explaining about the T-Virus they say that fingernails and hair continue to grow after death. This is not correct, While it appears that they grow, its actually down to the tissue drying out and retracting. An article on the topic can be found here: A super computer that is knowle. (00:56:40)

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Suggested correction: The T-virus causes the hair and nails to keep growing. The nails cause scratches that can increase infection, so it benefits the T-virus.


That is not what was said at all. In the film it states that even in death, the body remains active and that hair and fingernails continue to grow, news cells are produced, and the brain holds a small electrical charge that takes months to dissipate (all of which are false). Then the T-virus provides a massive jolt to growing cells and the brain to reanimate the dead.


She says those things after they ask her what those things are. She then starts to explain how the T-virus works. She doesn't say a dead body always keeps active, she says a dead body infected with the T-virus is still active, regenerating cells, hair and fingernails continue to grow. In short, it reanimates the dead (to a degree). That's how I read it anyway.


Where is it stated that the T Virus actually does this? Its stated that the virus reanimates the body but not sure on the other.

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Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, Milla Jovovich reads a note that has been left on the desk. She didn't write it, as they demonstrate in the film. However, when they do show the person who wrote the note composing it, the handwriting is different from that in the note from the earlier scene. (00:10:20 - 01:12:25)

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J.D.: I shot her five times. How was she still standing?
Rain: Bitch isn't standing now.

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Trivia: The train which the heroes catch to and from the umbrella facility is remarkably similar to the train at the end of the Resident Evil 2 game.

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Question: So when the game RE:2 came out there was an entry to win a role in the Resident Evil film. Who in this film was the winner of that contest or was a winner ever named? I ask because I found my old game disk and the entry was still in the case and I was wondering if someone did win, if so who was it?


Chosen answer: The winner was the English girl playing the Red Queen.

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