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Corrected entry: When everyone is in the laser room, and the medic woman gets the laser through her neck, the injuries that other people got didn't bleed because the wound was cauterized, yet her neck bleeds a bit before her head falls off. (00:32:40)

Correction: Her neck has much larger arteries and veins, it would be impossible to seal these without clamping them then cauterizing them, it couldn't be done with a laser.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: In the room where the lasers attack the crew you can clearly see that on each end of the room there is an extra space that is away from the small hall where the lasers cannot reach and it is clearly enough room for them to stand and not get killed. (00:31:07)

Correction: Just because we can see a safe spot from our angle does not mean that they could see it from their position or that they could recognise it as a safe spot in the few seconds they had to look around.

Corrected entry: When Kaplan and Alice are walking across the pipes in the sewer area and Kaplan falls down, Alice is pulled up, and Raine has her gun out, trying to help Kaplan. She is aiming her gun to everyone's right, and everyone was looking in that direction. When Rain yells out that she can't see, Alice takes the gun off her and shoots the zombie nearest to Kaplan, aiming the gun to everyone's LEFT, meaning that Raine was aiming in the wrong direction. Even if she couldn't focus properly, everyone was looking in the other direction, too. (01:05:35)

Correction: The reason that everyone was looking right is because Kaplan was to the right of everyone at that time. He moves throughout that scene. You can tell because everybody's view keeps shifting to the left more and more throughout the scene with him. Eventually he ends up to the left of them, that is when Alice shoots the zombie.

Corrected entry: In the shot at the beginning of the scene where they are in dining room B, the guy wearing the handcuffs manages to get on top of a high edge and sit on it with handcuffs on .. (00:29:15)

Correction: The team must have helped him up.

Corrected entry: It says this on the commentary on the DVD, but in the scene where they are on the pipes you can see the camera rail above them, but they are supposed to be made to look like pipes. (01:04:05)

Correction: That is true, they did use the pipes to hide a camera, but you never actually SEE the camera or the pipes that it's moving on.

Corrected entry: The second zombie that appears in the film (the one dragging the axe) has half his head missing. Later on, shortly after the characters enter the sewers, the same zombie reappears (and gets his neck broken by Alice) with his head fully-intact.

Correction: If you look more carefully, you'll notice that they are looking at the Zombie dragging the axe from a distance and then turn to see the Zombie with half its head missing. They are two different Zombies.

Corrected entry: In the part of the movie before the team enters the hive, after the subway, when they are about to open the door and Alice asks the team who they are, you can see the boom ontop of their heads. It ducks in then goes out and then ducks right back in. This was seen on a DVD version.

Correction: The boom mike isn't there. The shot is framed very close to the actors' heads.


Corrected entry: Several times during the train sequences, and on the schematics, we see there is only one track between the Mansion and the Hive. So on the return journey, the train should be travelling backwards, yet it is going forwards with Kaplan in the cab on both occasions. From the interior and exterior shots, you can see that it does not have a cab at both ends.

Correction: We never get to see EVERYTHING inside the Mansion and the Hive. Maybe there's a sort of extra part to the station(s) where the train can turn around.


Corrected entry: When Rain shoots the 1st zombie with her machine gun, as soon as the camera pans back to her the machine gun is no longer in her hands.

Correction: Rain can be seen lowering the gun when the shot comes back to her. She's holding it in her right hand offscreen while she pulls the bandage from her shoulder pocket with her left hand.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, you see Rain check to see how much time is left to escape. You see she is injured on her left hand where the watch is. She has a bandaid on, but on the next shot you see she doesn't have it on anymore.

Correction: She is injured on her right hand, and wears the watch on her right wrist. There is never a bandage on her left hand.


Corrected entry: In the dining hall B part of the movie, the guy fires 8 shots out of the same revolver and you can clearly see there's only 6 chambers.

Correction: If "the guy" is Kaplan, he never fires more than twice in a single shot, with frequent cuts to the zombies and other characters. As a trained soldier, he would be able to reload quickly in a combat environment.


Corrected entry: Alice & Matt arrive in the control room via a corridor from the office block, apparently being chased by zombies. This is a different corridor than the one Rain, Kaplan & Spence entered via. (You can see the two corridors on the heat-tracking schematic that pops up during this sequence). If that corridor was clear ahead of them, why didn't the three already trapped escape up it? If there were zombies outside that door, then Alice & Matt managed to get through them without too much trouble, so could the others. (00:53:35)

Correction: Alice and Matt didn't fight through a crowd of zombies to get to the control room, they led a crowd of zombies there while running to the safe control room. The once clear corridor is now at this point dangerous like the 2nd corridor.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Red Queen insists that Matt and Alice kill Raine, you can see Alice raise the axe and start with a downward stroke, but she then ends with an upward stroke destroying the monitor.

Correction: This commonly gets people confused, in a section from somewhere on the net with Paul Anderson, he states he did this to make the audience think Alice was to kill Raine, Alice actually starts a downward stoke, turns and hits the monitor of the Red Queen.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the laser corridor, when the woman has her head sliced off, why does she look around first, and not drop when she is told to by the commander. All soldiers are trained to do any commands like 'Down' when they are said, so that they do not waste time looking around and then dying or getting hurt.

Correction: She obviously froze in a state of shock.

Corrected entry: During the laser cutting sequence, a blond-haired team member tries to avoid the lasers by jumping over them and gets sliced through his waist as a result. As soon as this happens he lands on his feet once, then it cuts to a shot of his face and we can see he's landing from the jump again.

Correction: If the guy got cut in HALF, then maybe the feet landed first then the upper part of his body. Listen for a 'squelch' sound.

Corrected entry: The leader of the team sent into The Hive has a G36 assault rifle with a grenade launcher underneath. If you look closely at the gun, it was cut in half to make it look futuristic. He holds it by the grenade launcher instead of the actual grip of the gun.

Correction: The team leaders gun has not been cut in half as has been suggested. The gun he is carrying is a standard G36, but in this case it is the G36K with an underslung AG36 40mm grenade launcher. The K variant of the G36 was developed by H&K as a more powerful alternative to a submachine gun. The G36 can be easily converted into several different sub types depending on the tactical mission. Of course in the case of this film it makes little tactical sense for a commando team to use a mix of MP5K and G36K considering the improved performance of the G36 over a sub machine gun and the un-interoperbility of ammunition. If you wish to find out more about the G36 take a look here:

Corrected entry: When there is a slo-mo camera shot of the bullet case falling to the floor, it doesn't bounce, it just sticks to the floor.

Correction: As I remember, hot bullet cases do sometimes stick... as to which kinds of material, I'm not sure. (It has been a while since my military service)

Corrected entry: When Milla wakes up in the shower at the very beginning of the movie, she's been lying on the floor in the shower. However you can see her hair is totally dry and perfectly made up, if she had really been lying on the floor for more than few seconds, she would be covered in drops of water which would have been landing on her (even though she's not lying directly beneath the spray, she would still be covered in water, if you have a similar shower, you could try it yourself) (00:08:25)

Correction: You can see that the flow from the shower is not very powerful, and is falling on her ankles, almost a full body-length away from her hair. No visible water droplets are landing anywhere near her head, and anyway, the ends of her hair do appear to be a little damp.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: In the scene where the group first come across the zombies, they back towards a locked door and try to hold off the attack. When they manage to open the door they are confronted by an even bigger horde of the undead and one of the marines is eaten alive. The rest manage to shut the door and go back the way they came. The problem being that they were just running away from there - where did all the zombies go?

Correction: They are trapped in the control room just outside the Red Queen's chamber. This is mentioned in the dialogue. Kaplan concludes that their only option is the Queen's chamber, and it's a dead end. They eventually get the Queen's help to get out of there, after they reactivate her.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie you see a man putting the T-Virus and the Anti-virus in a case. There is one slot left for another capsule, but in the next shot it is filled in.

Correction: There are actually four vials in the top slots, with two to be loaded - the reflecting light makes one of them almost invisible.


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Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film, on the train ride out of the Hive, Rain is quite close to becoming undead. When she speaks, we notice her teeth are still "movie-star white". However, a few shots later, when she becomes a zombie, she sort of hisses where you can see it has taken what couldn't have been more than a few mere minutes for her teeth to become brown and discolored. (01:21:00)


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Rain: She bit me man! I mean she took a chunk clean right out of me!

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Trivia: In the final scene when Milla Jovovich emerges from Racoon City Hospital into the ruined city, a newspaper blows past in the wind with the headline "The Dead Walk" - a blatant reference to George Romero's classic zombie flick "Day of the Dead" where a newspaper with the same headline blows past in the opening sequence. (01:30:00)

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Question: Is the reanimation of dead people the purpose of the virus, or an unforeseen side effect? If it's a side effect, what was the original purpose of the T-Virus?

Answer: Actually the T-Virus was originally meant as a cure for a genetic disorder that Dr. Ashford and James Marcus daughters suffered from. The reanimation was a side effect and James Marcus was killed by Dr. Alexander Isaacs so he could take control of it and turn it into a bio-weapon.


Answer: The original virus was a "Fountain of Youth" type of thing. Reviving dead cells so the host would stay young. It was so powerful that it reanimated the dead.

Grumpy Scot

Answer: Wait, wasn't the original virus meant to control the scientists daughters genetic disease, not an eternal life serum.

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