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Corrected entry: Just after Rain wraps her hand from the zombie bite, the team picks up their guns and heads around a corner in the Hive. Look closely at Rain's gun hand - the bandage she just put on is gone...then back again within one camera shot.

Correction: She has her bandage on all the time. The bandage is wrapped in a way that the camera angle sometimes misses it.

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Corrected entry: In the laser room on the way to the Red Queen, a female soldier loses her head. This happens while she stands on the right side of the corridor. Later, when you see the dead bodies lying on the floor, she lies on the left side.

Correction: If you look closely she is still lying on the right side of the corridor.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning when the experiment room is being flooded, you see one guy take the axe to try and break the window. Later when he is a zombie you see he has it in his hand. Towards the end of the movie you see Rain take the axe out of the holder in the same room. You know it's the same room because the female scientist is still there and it's the same room the broken virus was in. (00:05:10 - 01:18:25)

Correction: The male scientist got the axe from a sliding cupboard door. Rain (Michelle Rodriquez) got her axe from a different cupboard which looks like there's a small gas tank next to it and the door to the cupboard has hinges.

Corrected entry: At the start, Spence bumps into a guy walking towards the elevator with a coffee in his hand. In this shot, Spence doesn't look at him at all and just walks on with his head down. In the flashback where Spence remembers everything, he does look at the guy after bumping into him.

Correction: The first scene is what really happened. Perhaps the second scene is Spence's memory of what happened, and thus not completely accurate.

Corrected entry: The Ops team have their names on the left breast of their jackets. The Medic, however, has the word "Medic" rather than her name. (00:32:45)

Correction: Perhaps for the one of the reasons medics use red cross armbands. It might be more important to know who is a medic more than his name.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the lasers, the laser turns into a grid and cuts One up into little cubes. Problem is, the lasers came towards him, not from above. Because of this, he wouldn't have been cut from the top, and so would only have been cut into strips.

Correction: He's cut into square prisms, which is consistent with the lasers' approach. When viewed from the front or back it's a grid pattern, but if viewed from the side (which we don't see) it's strips. After he collapses, of course, the strips don't maintain their shape.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Alice fights the dogs, why was she there, alone, in the first place? They've determined that the whole place is unsafe, and she certainly wouldn't go anywhere on her own.

Correction: She was probably looking for Matt who had disappeared at that point.

Corrected entry: J.D. was pulled into an elevator filled with a large group of rather hungry zombies that overpower him. Yet, during the Red Queen's speech about the T-Virus causing "re-animation of the body", we see J.D.'s body come back to life with mere gashes. Guess they lost their appetite? (00:45:05 - 00:58:55)

Correction: It may be that the creatures only eat fresh DNA (in other words, warm flesh). But once he died, his DNA obviously wasn't fresh, therefore the creatures don't eat him. That is also the explanation as to why the creatures don't eat each other.

Corrected entry: The only people in this film who manage one of those flawless 'instant kill' headshots are all armed with a gun that's appeared in every single Resident Evil game to date.

Correction: Untrue. The gun used in all of the games is a Beretta, but Caplan kills the zombie crawling up the piping after him with a headshot - his gun is a revolver.

Corrected entry: After Rain and J.D. shoot the first zombie in white, she suddenly disappears. She disappears with five or six people around. It made so much noise before, it's not likely that it would be able to crawl away without a sound. (00:40:20)


Correction: It is possible that it can move away silently - when around 100 zombies come in the same scene, They were only able to hear the one dragging the axe, and they didn't hear them coming up behind Spence whilst travelling through the power/sewer tunnels.

Corrected entry: When everyone is in the laser room, and the medic woman gets the laser through her neck, the injuries that other people got didn't bleed because the wound was cauterized, yet her neck bleeds a bit before her head falls off. (00:32:40)

Correction: Her neck has much larger arteries and veins, it would be impossible to seal these without clamping them then cauterizing them, it couldn't be done with a laser.

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Corrected entry: In the room where the lasers attack the crew you can clearly see that on each end of the room there is an extra space that is away from the small hall where the lasers cannot reach and it is clearly enough room for them to stand and not get killed. (00:31:07)

Correction: Just because we can see a safe spot from our angle does not mean that they could see it from their position or that they could recognise it as a safe spot in the few seconds they had to look around.

Corrected entry: When Kaplan and Alice are walking across the pipes in the sewer area and Kaplan falls down, Alice is pulled up, and Raine has her gun out, trying to help Kaplan. She is aiming her gun to everyone's right, and everyone was looking in that direction. When Rain yells out that she can't see, Alice takes the gun off her and shoots the zombie nearest to Kaplan, aiming the gun to everyone's LEFT, meaning that Raine was aiming in the wrong direction. Even if she couldn't focus properly, everyone was looking in the other direction, too. (01:05:35)

Correction: The reason that everyone was looking right is because Kaplan was to the right of everyone at that time. He moves throughout that scene. You can tell because everybody's view keeps shifting to the left more and more throughout the scene with him. Eventually he ends up to the left of them, that is when Alice shoots the zombie.

Corrected entry: In the shot at the beginning of the scene where they are in dining room B, the guy wearing the handcuffs manages to get on top of a high edge and sit on it with handcuffs on .. (00:29:15)

Correction: The team must have helped him up.

Corrected entry: It says this on the commentary on the DVD, but in the scene where they are on the pipes you can see the camera rail above them, but they are supposed to be made to look like pipes. (01:04:05)

Correction: That is true, they did use the pipes to hide a camera, but you never actually SEE the camera or the pipes that it's moving on.

Corrected entry: The second zombie that appears in the film (the one dragging the axe) has half his head missing. Later on, shortly after the characters enter the sewers, the same zombie reappears (and gets his neck broken by Alice) with his head fully-intact.

Correction: If you look more carefully, you'll notice that they are looking at the Zombie dragging the axe from a distance and then turn to see the Zombie with half its head missing. They are two different Zombies.

Corrected entry: In the part of the movie before the team enters the hive, after the subway, when they are about to open the door and Alice asks the team who they are, you can see the boom ontop of their heads. It ducks in then goes out and then ducks right back in. This was seen on a DVD version.

Correction: The boom mike isn't there. The shot is framed very close to the actors' heads.


Corrected entry: While explaining the zombies, Red Queen says that human hair and nails continue to grow after death. This isn't true. What actually happens is that the skin dries out and shrivels away, making it appear that hair and nails are getting longer. (00:58:30)

Correction: Real dead people may shrivel up, but the bodies are still active in the movie, allowing the dead cells that make our hair and nails continue to grow. Also, hair and nails do grow after death. A process takes place that doesn't need oxygen called anaerobic respiration which the hair and nails use to grow slightly. it only equals a couple of millimeters, not long enough for the difference in nail length to be noticeable, but long enough to make a five o'clock shadow.

Corrected entry: The zombified people in the movie have trouble moving around (slow, rigid). The zombified dogs, however, conveniently keep all their former speed and reflexes.

Correction: Not necessarily a mistake. The T-virus simply affected the dogs differently. After all, none of the humans looked like they had been completely skinned did they?

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Corrected entry: Several times during the train sequences, and on the schematics, we see there is only one track between the Mansion and the Hive. So on the return journey, the train should be travelling backwards, yet it is going forwards with Kaplan in the cab on both occasions. From the interior and exterior shots, you can see that it does not have a cab at both ends.

Correction: We never get to see EVERYTHING inside the Mansion and the Hive. Maybe there's a sort of extra part to the station(s) where the train can turn around.

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Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, Milla Jovovich reads a note that has been left on the desk. She didn't write it, as they demonstrate in the film. However, when they do show the person who wrote the note composing it, the handwriting is different from that in the note from the earlier scene. (00:10:20 - 01:12:25)

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Rain: She bit me man! I mean she took a chunk clean right out of me!

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Trivia: The picture on the computer of the hive looks like an upside down umbrella and the name of the corporation who own the hive is ... the Umbrella corporation.

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