Resident Evil

Corrected entry: Just after Rain wraps her hand from the zombie bite, the team picks up their guns and heads around a corner in the Hive. Look closely at Rain's gun hand - the bandage she just put on is gone...then back again within one camera shot.

Correction: She has her bandage on all the time. The bandage is wrapped in a way that the camera angle sometimes misses it.


Corrected entry: The only people in this film who manage one of those flawless 'instant kill' headshots are all armed with a gun that's appeared in every single Resident Evil game to date.

Correction: Untrue. The gun used in all of the games is a Beretta, but Caplan kills the zombie crawling up the piping after him with a headshot - his gun is a revolver.

Corrected entry: While explaining the zombies, Red Queen says that human hair and nails continue to grow after death. This isn't true. What actually happens is that the skin dries out and shrivels away, making it appear that hair and nails are getting longer. (00:58:30)

Correction: Real dead people may shrivel up, but the bodies are still active in the movie, allowing the dead cells that make our hair and nails continue to grow. Also, hair and nails do grow after death. A process takes place that doesn't need oxygen called anaerobic respiration which the hair and nails use to grow slightly. it only equals a couple of millimeters, not long enough for the difference in nail length to be noticeable, but long enough to make a five o'clock shadow.

Corrected entry: Why didn't Umbrella's higher ups just ask Red Queen what happened before sending in an assault team? She could have told them the T-virus was released and the hive would have stayed sealed. Instead, they just assumed she was nuts and sent in people to shut her down! Had even one of them said, "What happened?", the zombies would have never been released - it's a plot hammer that contradicts the whole point of having an AI run the hive. There should have been a line that said something like "All attempts to communicate with Red Queen so far have failed. The whole point of an AI that has the capability to seal the Hive is to keep the virus from escaping! Her refusal to communcate guarantees that the hive will be breached by a team that is investigating.

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Correction: She wasn't meant to keep the hive shut as the virus was meant to get out. Via the final movie.

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Continuity mistake: When Matt gets scratched by the mutated Licker at the end of the film, the scratches on his arm appear before the creature's claws actually hit him. (01:24:15)

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Rain: She bit me man! I mean she took a chunk clean right out of me!

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Trivia: In the final scene when Milla Jovovich emerges from Racoon City Hospital into the ruined city, a newspaper blows past in the wind with the headline "The Dead Walk" - a blatant reference to George Romero's classic zombie flick "Day of the Dead" where a newspaper with the same headline blows past in the opening sequence. (01:30:00)

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Question: Why is the game series this is based on known as 'Resident Evil' in some countries but in others it's called 'Biohazard'? Does the name swap also apply to the film?

Answer: The game was originally called 'BioHazard' in Japan, but because of copyright problems with the band Biohazard, was named 'Resident Evil' in the US and Europe. However most hard-core gamers call it 'BioHazard' no matter where they live. For more info, check out

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