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Corrected entry: During the stakeout, Earl asks how long they had been there. Hank responds with coming up on 12 minutes. Almost 2 minutes later, Earl asks again and Hank says coming up on 13 minutes. It should have been 14 at least. (01:01:10)

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Correction: Not really. If it was just after 11 minutes, it can be said to be coming up on 12 minutes. Almost two minutes later, it can still be be coming up on 13 minutes.

Corrected entry: When Earl and Hank abandon the car in the car wash, they leave the wash without coming across any other cars. In the background after they leave, however, there is a white car pulling out. (00:58:15)

Correction: If you look closely, while in the police car in the wash, it appears there is a car in the wash ahead of them. It's difficult to see through the suds on the windshield, but there appears to be a white vehicle in front of them also being washed. This is most likely the car seen leaving the car wash after they leave on foot.

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Corrected entry: In the academy scene when Martin Lawrence is going through the police chase drill, while chasing down one of the trainers, who is now on foot, he jumps out of the car while it is still moving. He tucks, rolls and gets up and runs BACK to imitate arresting a suspect (his trainer) and the police car veers off to the right while still moving forward. When the car explodes, Martin and the trainer look BEHIND them. Did the car circle around them and all the other cadets in the academy?

Correction: The movie never shows anybody turning around to look at the explosion. In fact, Earl simply just lowers his arms, and doesn't move other than that.

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Corrected entry: When Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn get into the tutorial car, Martin seats in the student's seat and Steve in the instructor's seat. When they argue where to go, both push the pedals and turn the wheel and the car goes back and forth but in educational cars when the instructor uses his pedals and wheel those of the student disconnect, so the car should go where Steve wanted without Martin affecting it.

Correction: This is, and has not, always been the case with educational cars. Some have perfectly split control, in which the teacher will tell their student to not drive while they (the teacher) handles the car themselves, on the other side.


Corrected entry: Steve Zahn is in trouble for assaulting Martin Lawrence. Steve Zahn supposedly beat him, which would be battery.

Correction: But he would have had to *assaulted* Martin Lawrence *in order* to beat him. And besides, why couldn't Martin Lawrence have reported the matter as assault, regardless of what it really was?


Corrected entry: In the scene where Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn are in the pop factory, Steve says that Martin got him put in prison for 6 months, then Martin asks "You only got 6 months for that?" He was at the trial so he should have known.

Correction: He may have been at the trial but that doesn't mean he was at the sentencing. Sentencing is usually held separately at a later time.

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Lawyer: So Mr. Montgomery, are you claiming there was no bumblebee present at the time of the incident?
Earl Montgomery: No, I'm not. There was a bumblebee present, man.
Lawyer: Oh, good.
Earl Montgomery: And there were birds chirpin'. There were dogs barkin'. Hell, for all I know, there was a chipmunk in the bushes, humping a turtle! You know you gotta be careful with them chipmunks. They'll hump anything!



When Steve Zahn and Martin Lawrence are driving away from the police in the junkyard, they hit a car in the junkyard, and we can see the damage inflicted on it. However, in all of the shots following the car is not damaged.



It just so happened that on a day when they needed a wide angle lens to get a shot, for the over head view of Hank shooting through the wall at Nash, that the Spider-Man movie was being filmed only a few blocks away. The director of Spider-Man let the director of National Security borrow their lens long enough to get that shot, which was on screen for only about a second.