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Continuity mistake: When Steve Zahn and Martin Lawrence are driving away from the police in the junkyard, they hit a car in the junkyard, and we can see the damage inflicted on it. However, in all of the shots following the car is not damaged. (00:55:35)

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn are in the red station wagon that Steve Zahn was unable to commandeer and was slapped silly for, they drive by a glass building and you see the camera crew and equipment on a platform in front of the vehicle, moving with them. (00:59:05)

Continuity mistake: This happens twice that I can remember in the movie, the first time in the P.T.A, when Martin crashes through the house in his car, when he lands the hubcaps fly off the car, this is very visable, but when we see the car just a few seconds later, the hubcaps are back on the car. This exact thing happens again when Martin and Steve crash through the sign at the junkyard.

Continuity mistake: When Martin and Steve are fleeing from the police (after the junkyard) as they are pulling into the car wash the rear view mirror constantly appears and disappears from the windshield of the car. In the exterior views just prior to the car wash the mirror is missing but appears to be a solid black pasted image from the interior shots. Then, inside the car wash for the exterior views the mirror is present, then is gone with the interior view. In the final fight scenes, the damage to and colour of Steve's jacket appears to change with each time the camera pans back to him inside the crane. (00:56:50)

Revealing mistake: When Martin Lawrence was trying to get into his car after he supposedly locked the keys in it, you can see in the shot from inside the car that the door was unlocked. You can tell because the orange-red sticker on the lock is showing, which wouldn't be visible if it was locked. (00:10:50)

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Continuity mistake: Steve Zahn and Martin Lawrence drive the white van out of the back of the transport truck, which flies off the bridge, and lands on the garbage barge. When it lands, an inside view of both characters shows a destroyed front window. When they climb out, the window now has a few bullet holes in it, but is mainly intact. (00:44:50)

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Continuity mistake: In the police chase scene where Earl steals the police car at the impound lot, the car they are in is 26. There are also two officers chasing them in police car 405. When this police car crashes in only show 40. The next car that crashes driven by two other officers is also numbered 26. Later it shows Earl still driving car 26. (00:54:00)

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Other mistake: When Earl and Hank are in the police car, there is one shot where you are looking from Earl's POV. In this POV the rear view mirrow is just a black outline, not a mirror. (00:54:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn crash the student driver car through the freeway water barriers, when the car lands you can see that only one person is in the car instead of two, and that the car has only one steering wheel instead two. (00:40:05)

Revealing mistake: In the part where they are both in the big reds trailers back, the bad guy hits the breaks and the trailer starts sliding to the side. You can see the back wheels of the trailer turning making the trailer slide. (00:44:15)

Continuity mistake: When Martin takes the instructional car, the learning driver is wearing a seat belt. But when the camera snaps to a different angle to show the learner's back, the seat belt is magically gone and he gets out of the car without unbuckling anything. (00:37:40)

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Continuity mistake: When they steal the police car and go through a wall, the blue cover for the police light flies through the air but a second later, it is back in place. (00:56:30)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene at the academy when Martin Lawrence caught the instructor and his car gets loose, just before the car hits and explodes, you can see that the car has had its light bar removed. (00:09:40)

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the trial for Hank, the judge is announced by the bailiff as "the honorable Judge Marsha Gailey presiding". At the end of the scene when she pronounces Hank guilty her name plate says "Hon. M. Healy". (00:17:25 - 00:19:05)

Factual error: They do not put anyone in a state penitentiary for six months. County jail is anything up to 364 days. A year or more is prison. (00:19:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Steve Vahn and Martin Lawrence are zooming in the police car through the car junk yard, they go off a car that is used as a ramp. When the car lands, it shows the front-left hubcap pop out. In the next shot, the hubcap is back on. (00:56:30)

Continuity mistake: In the shoot-out scene with the white van, all the bullet holes are perfectly round when seen up close. But since the shots are fired in lots of different directions and not in a straight angle to the surface, most should be elongated. (01:14:45)

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Continuity mistake: When Hank and Charlie investigate the alarm in the start of the movie, they split up. Hank is shown going up a flight of stairs and has his gun and flashlight in the common position cops do when searching. Gun pointed forward with flashlight lying over, hands crossed. The very next shot shows Charlie passing a security monitor that has Hank on surveillance. Hanks' hands are now down at his sides. (00:03:20)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn hijack the driving school car, the passenger side steering wheel is grey in colour and thick. The shot following of the car crashing through the portable toilets, the passenger side steering wheel is black in colour and thinner than the one in previous shots. (00:40:05)


Factual error: When Hank is let out of solitary confinement, he punches the guard. A prisoner would never have the chance to attack guards while in solitary confinement because he/she is cuffed while still in the cell. Also, there are always at least two guards for escort, not one.


Instructor: Impressive shooting, Montgomery. You realize though, that you missed the target in the middle?
Earl Montgomery: Who, the brother? Oh I wasn't shooting at him.
Instructor: Mind telling me why not?
Earl Montgomery: He don't look suspicious, to me. Look at'em. One lone brother, surrounded by four white guys with guns? The man is terrified. What you want him to do, tap dance? Don't worry brother, I got you. Don't be afraid to dial 911. I keeps it clean, when Earl Montgomery's on the scene. What the problem is?

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Trivia: It just so happened that on a day when they needed a wide angle lens to get a shot, for the over head view of Hank shooting through the wall at Nash, that the Spider-Man movie was being filmed only a few blocks away. The director of Spider-Man let the director of National Security borrow their lens long enough to get that shot, which was on screen for only about a second. (01:04:55)

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