Resident Evil: Extinction

Plot hole: When the survivors break into the Umbrella compound, Alice helps load survivors onto the helicopter. The helicopter portrayed has a max occupancy of 6, and somehow Alice manages to squeeze 20+ survivors onto the helicopter, with no problems whatsoever.


Plot hole: In the scene where Alice breaks into the Umbrella compound she drives the vehicle through the truck wreckage and into the fence, knocking the fence down. However, she then has time to ferry everyone from the vehicle into the chopper, stand back and watch them fly away, then walk cautiously into the shanty shack and wait for the elevator to arrive. Meanwhile not a single zombie has chased her into the now breached compound. The zombies might be dumb, but if they see food they head straight to it until an obstacle stops them and the explosion would have only killed the ones in the immediate area. The ones behind the dead zombies would have charged at them as soon as the fire died down.

Plot hole: When the survivors arrive in Las Vegas, all that is visible is the Strip. No other buildings are seen, even though Las Vegas has other high-rise buildings that are not on the Strip, and the level of sand that has built up is not substantial enough to have buried the entire city. (00:55:00)


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