Resident Evil: Extinction

Plot hole: When L.J. Is bitten he manages to suppress becoming a zombie for 1-2 days. When Carlos is bitten by L.J. he is infected so quickly and talks about it "being too late for him" (whereas in the previous film he had 3 hours before getting the antidote). Why is this different now and why is Carlos not still carrying the antidote in him?

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Suggested correction: The t-virus was modified by her blood, as explained in the latter part of the movie. Therefore his blood would have no natural immunity, and this would explain why it infected at an accelerated rate.

Revealing mistake: As Carlos is giving his final goodbyes to Claire you can see in the background automobiles driving down the freeway. Shouldn't these roads be empty rather than having what seems to be a thriving highway?


kenneth castillo

Continuity mistake: After the Zombies are unleashed in the desert scene, we see Carlos crawling under the truck. At first his semi-automatic gun seems to be completely normal. The gun's slide and chamber are closed as if there are still bullets in the magazine or at least one bullet is chambered. But then the camera focuses on his gun and we see the gun's chamber is open - as if there are no bullets left. The gun didn't fire between shots so it's chamber should have been open in the first place.

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Trivia: When Alice's clone stops the lasergrid from killing the real Alice, there is a shot of the computer screen showing the disintegration of Isaacs, Dr. J. This is a reference to Jason Isaacs, who has a history of appearing in Paul W.S. Anderson movies. Anderson produced this movie, so the circle is complete.

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Trivia: The scene where a zombie appears to be "domesticated" is a clear reference to the zombie-character "Bub" from George A. Romero's film "Day of the Dead." "Resident Evil: Extinction" also includes several other more subtle references to that film as well.

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Trivia: The creature Dr. Isaacs turns into at the end of the film is modeled after the "Tyrant" creature from the original video-game which served as the end-boss.

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Question: What was the point of the scientist releasing the clone Alices and then putting them through the test to have them killed? Did they explain this and I missed it or what?


Chosen answer: The reason that the cloned alices were put through the tests was their attempt to get a "perfect" clone of her. They knew that Alice was the key to taking back the zombie infestation, so they were trying to get the "perfect" clone. The perfect clone would have all of her memories and reactions, so they put the clones through that testing facility. If she made it out alive, then she was the perfect clone. If she didn't, then it was back to the drawing board.

Nick Bylsma

Question: Why doesn't it explain what happened to Angie or Jill V.? Also when Alice gets in to Umbrella at the end she says to the program " I met your sister, she was a real bitch." Is this ref. to the Angie program in the first movie and Alice said "I met your sister" does this mean that Angie had a sister the whole time we didn't know about?


Chosen answer: No, Angie was an only child, but Doctor Ashford created the Red Queen A.I. interface through his daughter's likeness. The most logical explanation for this is that Umbrella has a lot of underground facilities like the hive and therefore mass-produced The Queen in order to protect each installation. As far as Jill is concerned Sienna Guillory (who plays Jill) wasn't up to making another Resident Evil film, so the script went around her.

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Question: Is this supposed to be Albert Wesker in the film? IMDB lists him as Albert, but I'm fairly certain I saw the part listed as Sherman Wesker in the film.

Chosen answer: You have likely confused "Sherman Wesker" with "Chairman Wesker" which he is referred to in the film.


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