Resident Evil: Extinction

After Oliveira sacrifices himself to gain entry to the Umbrella desert facility, Clare takes the helicopter and kids and flies to Alaska to apparent safety. Alice enters the facility and fights the doctor who has now been mutated. In the computer room the doctor gets shredded by laser beams but Alices clone stops them before Alice is hurt. Alice finds the cure to the T-virus. She then contacts the Tokyo Umbrella corp facility and tells them she is coming for them with some friends. The final scene is Hundereds of clone Alice's waking from their cryo clone bubbles.


Revealing mistake: As the mutated zombies chase some of the survivors up the cement ramp in Las Vegas, watch the very last zombie just behind the girl in the tank top. He slows himself down to a fast walk when the actress starts running too slow. (00:59:40)

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Alice: Good thing we like a challenge.

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Trivia: When Alice's clone stops the lasergrid from killing the real Alice, there is a shot of the computer screen showing the disintegration of Isaacs, Dr. J. This is a reference to Jason Isaacs, who has a history of appearing in Paul W.S. Anderson movies. Anderson produced this movie, so the circle is complete.


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Question: Is this supposed to be Albert Wesker in the film? IMDB lists him as Albert, but I'm fairly certain I saw the part listed as Sherman Wesker in the film.

Answer: You have likely confused "Sherman Wesker" with "Chairman Wesker" which he is referred to in the film.


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