Resident Evil: Extinction

Revealing mistake: As Carlos is giving his final goodbyes to Claire you can see in the background automobiles driving down the freeway. Shouldn't these roads be empty rather than having what seems to be a thriving highway? (01:10:00)

kenneth castillo

Revealing mistake: As the mutated zombies chase some of the survivors up the cement ramp in Las Vegas, watch the very last zombie just behind the girl in the tank top. He slows himself down to a fast walk when the actress starts running too slow.

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the movie when they are showing Tokyo and the camera pans down through the street to Umbrella's underground HQ, you can see a rat leaning over the 'edge' of the road as it is going down.

Revealing mistake: in the scene where the cowboy character is climbing the Eiffel Tower, you can see the shadow behind it only goes a few feet above where he is. Revealing that the tower is not a completed structure as shown in all of the wide shots.

Revealing mistake: After Carlos blows his truck up and Alice is breaking into the Umbrella compound there is a moment where her truck drives through the fire and one of the zombies following her throws his arms up to shield himself from the heat of the flames. The actor apparently got too close for his own comfort.

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