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Who Framed Roger Rabbit picture

Roger Rabbit: No! Not my Jessica! Not pattycake! It can't be! It just can't be! Jessica's my wife! It's absolutely impossible! Jessica's the love of my life. The apple of my eye. The cream in my coffee.
Eddie Valiant: Well you better start drinking it black, Acme's taking the cream now.

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Die Hard picture

John McClane: A hundred million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister.

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Midnight Run picture

Jack Walsh: Here come two words for you: shut the fuck up.

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Child's Play picture

Karen Barclay: I said talk to me, damn it. Or else I'll throw you in the fire.
Chucky: You stupid bitch! You filthy slut! I'll teach you to fuck with me!

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Beetlejuice picture

[Beetlejuice angrily kicks a model tree and it falls over.]
Beetlejuice: Nice fucking model!

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Big picture

Billy: Here, take this. [Hands Josh a handful of money.]
Josh: Billy, where did you get this?
Billy: From my dad's top drawer.
Josh: You stole money from your father?
Billy: It's his emergency money.
Josh: Jesus, Billy.
Billy: Well what do you call this?

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They Live picture

Nada: Brother, life's a bitch...and she's back in heat.

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The Naked Gun picture

Jane: How about a rain check?
Frank: Well, let's just stick to dinner.

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Willow picture

Willow: What are you doing?
Madmartigan: I found some blackroot. She loves it.
Willow: Blackroot? I am the father of two children and you never, ever give a baby blackroot.
Madmartigan: Well my mother raised us on blackroot. It's good for you. Puts hair on your chest. Doesn't it, Sticks?
Willow: Her name is not Sticks. She's Elora Danan, the future empress of Tir Asleen and the last thing she's gonna want is a hairy chest.

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Phantasm II picture

Reggie: You knew... before it happened.

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Critters 2 picture

Quigley: It's just a dog.
Wesley: So was "Cujo."

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Scrooged picture

Earl Cross: All day long, I listen to people give me excuses why they can't work... 'My back hurts, ' 'my legs ache, ' 'I'm only four!' The sooner he learns life isn't handed to him on a silver platter, the better.

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Killer Klowns From Outer Space picture

Farmer Gene Green: What in the blue blazes is the circus doing here in these parts?

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Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood picture

David: You know what I like about you?
Robin: What?
David: You hardly sweat at all.

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Hairspray picture

Tracy Turnblad: Oh, Mother you're so fifties.

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Akira picture

Kaneda (2001 Pioneer dub): What're you gonna do?
Kai (2001 Pioneer dub): I'm gonna send Yamagata his wheels.

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Space Mutiny picture

Ryder: C'mon, move, move, move, move, move.

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Dangerous Liaisons picture

Vicomte de Valmont: Why do you suppose we only feel compelled to chase the ones who run away?
Marquise de Merteuil: Immaturity?

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Return of the Living Dead Part II picture

Zombie: Brrraaaaainnnnssss.

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels picture

Freddy Benson: Not mother?

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