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Garfield: His 9 Lives picture

Garfield: Commander Mendelsen? Commander Mendelsen, are you there?
Mendelsen: You have three minutes.
Garfield: What happened to four minutes?
Mendelsen: Well, I uh.
Garfield: You what?
Mendelsen: I had to go to the little - boys' room.
Garfield: I have a surprise for you, Commander. Take this.

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Casual Sex? picture

Stacy: This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I remember when it was actually fun to say, "WOW, that really felt great! What's your name again?"
Melissa: I've never had sex with someone I didn't know. For that matter, I've never said, "Wow, that felt really great."

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D.O.A picture

Sydney Fuller: I just wanted to spend the night with you, not Eternity.

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The Accused picture

Sarah Tobias: What the hell are you talking about? You saw me at the hospital, what you think I asked for that? Is that what you think? If that's what you think then you get the fuck out of my house.

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American Gothic picture

Ma: Don't you want to join the clean plate club?

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Vibes picture

Harry Buscafusco: May I ask, why d'ya keep a shotgun in your apartment?
Sylvia Pickel: It's not really mine. An old boyfriend left it here.
Harry Buscafusco: Why did he keep it?
Sylvia Pickel: I don't really know. You don't ask a guy named Icepick too many questions.

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The Incredible Hulk Returns picture

Donald Blake: Listen, David, I know you didn't tell her, but... I think she knows, and understands.

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Moonwalker picture

Michael: Let her go.
Mr. Big: Shut up! Don't you talk to me. You shut up.

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Hobgoblins picture

Roadrash: Must have been a rowdy crowd tonight.

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Satisfaction picture

Daryle: Think of all the clothes I could have bought in Europe.
Billy: Ahh forget it. None of us speak European anyway.

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Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach picture

Sgt. Moses Hightower: Sir, I realize this is your jurisdiction. But if there is a rescue attempt, we would like to volunteer.
Capt. Thaddeus Harris: Commissioner Murdock, I couldn't agree more. I think it is vital that the rescues know Commandant Lassard intimately. Now, I can vouch for the abilities of these officers. After all, I trained them myself.
Sgt. Larvell Jones: Must be the drugs.

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Talk Radio picture

Barry: Talk Radio! It's the last neighborhood in town, people just don't talk to each other anymore.

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Caddyshack II picture

Ty Webb: You know I'm always shooting myself with one of those poison-dipped, crossbow darts. I don't know why they don't put a warning on those things.

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Big Top Pee-Wee picture

Vance: We do not want to end up with a low potassium level.
Pee-wee: Duh, Vance! You'd think I never went to agricultural junior college.

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Clean and Sober picture

Darryl: Thank you. And thanks for my chip. And thanks for not smoking.

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Colors picture

Dr. Feelgood: You ain't got nothing on me.
Danny McGavin: I got handcuffs on you.

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Running on Empty picture

Michael: They need me.
Lorna: I need you.

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Cocoon: The Return picture

Ruby: Most people our age are a pain in the ass.
Bernie: Most people our age are dead.

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Pulse picture

Stevie: And when she turned it on it shot that metal thing right up into her face, shot it up just like a gun. Isn't that bad? It shot it up right through her eyeball.

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