Continuity mistake: Sergeant Parker is thrown through the air with his boots on, yet we are shown the dead hobgoblins beside his smoldering boots.

Continuity mistake: After the Club Scum riots, Kevin gives Amy his jacket because she has rather revealing clothes on. However when they climb into Nick's van, the jacket has disappeared from Amy, but in the next close-up she has it back on again.

Revealing mistake: None of the grenades Nick throws at the bar does any damage.

Revealing mistake: The same footage is replayed three times to create the chase through the nightclub; also you can see the nightclub patrons tipping over their own tables to create chaos.

Visible crew/equipment: Soon after Dennis dies via the Hobgoblin induced fantasy, Mr. McCreedy comes to check on him; when he gets to the door where they stopped earlier (where McCreedy told him not to proceed further down the hall), the actors' marks, T-marks in black duct tape, are visible on he floor where they stopped earlier.

Revealing mistake: When Daphne stuffs a live grenade down Sgt. Parker's coat, the explosion occurs in front of him.

Continuity mistake: When the hobgoblins are attacking Daphne, Amy and Kyle in the living room, Nick turns up. When he standing outside, watching the through the window, the front door is shut. In the next shot he runs up to an open front door.

Factual error: The damage done by the hobgoblin-induced fantasies is real, as seen several times in the movie. Kyle's car runs off a cliff, Nick's grenades really explode, etc. Nick is in one scene set ablaze by throwing himself on a grenade, and is completely engulfed in flames from his head to his toes. But he shows up in the last scene with nothing but a few minor burns on his forearms and a pair of crutches (that he immediately discards). His hair and eyelashes are not even singed.


Plot hole: After Dennis (the first guard assistant) gets killed, the vault is open for several minutes before the old guard arrives. The hobgoblins, however, do not run for their freedom, but patiently wait until the hero, Kevin, comes in a later scene and opens the door. Then they escape as quickly as they can.


Plot hole: One of the hobgoblins honks a horn, imitating the distinct sound of Nick's car horn, to draw Daphne out of the house. But the hobgoblins have never met neither Nick nor Daphne; they would have no idea what his car horn sounds like.


Continuity mistake: Many of Daphne's accessories change throughout the film. For example the small blue badge she wears on her shirt randomly changes its whereabouts on the shirt, jumping about from scene to scene. When Daphne and her friends arrive to Club Scum, Daphne has none of her many necklaces on. When they enter the club, she now does, and throughout the Club Scum scene, they disappear and reappear as well. When the hobgoblins come into the living room, where the music is playing, they attack Daphne, Amy and Kyle, and Daphne's sunglasses alternate from sitting on her nose, to up on her head throughout this scene, and in following scenes too. Finally, Daphne has a pair of sunglasses which hang from the top of her skirt, and between shots (especially the Club Scum scene) the sunglasses change from hanging on her left side, to her right. The only hilarious highlights in an utterly pathetic movie!

Revealing mistake: Nick dives onto the hand grenade, but he is standing when the explosion is shown and Nick was in a tank top when he dove onto the grenade, but the stuntman portraying him on fire is wearing a flame retardant suit with long sleeves.

Plot hole: The hobgoblins are locked in a security vault to ensure they never escape and kill people. In addition to the heavy vault door, there are two steel bar doors and an additional door up the corridor protecting the vault. None of these doors are ever locked, even after the first security guard walks in and gets killed. Even the burglar walks straight through these doors, so that Kevin has to follow him and let the hobgoblins out.


Continuity mistake: In Club Scum, Kevin walks up to the tinsel curtains twice to see what Amy is doing with Roadrash.

Revealing mistake: When McCreedy flashes back to when he first saw the Hobgoblins, the magazine he is reading in the flashback obviously has no pages. You can tell when he closes it and sits it down that that the inside covers are blank too.

Low Cow

Revealing mistake: When Pixie is using a bottle to beat up the MC at Club Scum, you can see that not a single one of her blows actually hit him. In fact, they miss by several inches. The MC, of course, groans in pain and reacts as though he's been hit every time.


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