Continuity mistake: Sergeant Parker is thrown through the air with his boots on, yet we are shown the dead hobgoblins beside his smoldering boots.

Continuity mistake: After the Club Scum riots, Kevin gives Amy his jacket because she has rather revealing clothes on. However when they climb into Nick's van, the jacket has disappeared from Amy, but in the next close-up she has it back on again.

Continuity mistake: When the hobgoblins are attacking Daphne, Amy and Kyle in the living room, Nick turns up. When he standing outside, watching the through the window, the front door is shut. In the next shot he runs up to an open front door.

Continuity mistake: Many of Daphne's accessories change throughout the film. For example the small blue badge she wears on her shirt randomly changes its whereabouts on the shirt, jumping about from scene to scene. When Daphne and her friends arrive to Club Scum, Daphne has none of her many necklaces on. When they enter the club, she now does, and throughout the Club Scum scene, they disappear and reappear as well. When the hobgoblins come into the living room, where the music is playing, they attack Daphne, Amy and Kyle, and Daphne's sunglasses alternate from sitting on her nose, to up on her head throughout this scene, and in following scenes too. Finally, Daphne has a pair of sunglasses which hang from the top of her skirt, and between shots (especially the Club Scum scene) the sunglasses change from hanging on her left side, to her right. The only hilarious highlights in an utterly pathetic movie!

Continuity mistake: In Club Scum, Kevin walks up to the tinsel curtains twice to see what Amy is doing with Roadrash.

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