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Two Moon Junction picture

Samantha Delongpre: Get off my sister.

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High Spirits picture

Peter Plunkett: All I wanted to be was happily useless, you made me miserably useless.

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Sunset picture

Wyatt Earp: It's all true, give or take a lie or two.

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Criminal Law picture

Martin Thiel: I love the rain... it washes everything away... makes it clean.

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Alien Nation picture

Det. Samuel 'George' Francisco: You humans are very curious to us. You invite us to live among you in an atmosphere of equality that we've never known before. You give us ownership of our own lives for the first time and you ask no more of us than you do of yourselves. I hope you understand how special your world is, how unique a people you humans are. Which is why it is all the more painful and confusing to us that so few of you seem capable of living up to the ideals you set for yourselves.

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Poltergeist III picture

Tangina: Stay back! He's got the girls, and now he wants you.

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Fright Night Part 2 picture

Regine Dandrige: Let's talk about blood, Mr. Vincent, it's very precious to me.

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The Incredible Hulk Returns picture

Donald Blake: He wants me to be more heroic, me.

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Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers picture

Angela: Too bad they haven't figured out a way to make french fries nutritious. I'm a nut when it comes to french fries.

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Feds picture

Janis Zuckerman: I'm looking for a guy named Louie, fuzzy hair, crooked teeth, bug eyes. Has he been around lately?
Girl Punk: Suck shit through a tube.

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