Cinema Paradiso

Continuity mistake: When Toto is a child, he is left handed. But as a young man, he is right handed.

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Continuity mistake: When Toto comes running to the cinema to help Alfredo he stumbles and falls flat on his belly. It cuts to a close-up when he gets up, and now he is lying on his back.



Revealing mistake: When the projector blows up in Alfredo's face, it's quite obvious to see the stuntman replacement and his protective clothing as he falls to the floor.


Paul Andrews

Continuity mistake: When Alfredo tries to cheat during the exam the two supervisors in the background keep switching positions.



Continuity mistake: When Salvatore throws Alfredo the answers to the questions, the paperwork in front of him on the desk changes between camera angles. First it's completely flat, then it's "dog eared."


Paul Andrews

Other mistake: There's a chime hanging outside Salvatore's bedroom window that's too far away to cast such a small shadow over his face when he lies in bed and thinks of his childhood.



Other mistake: In the beginning of the movie Salvatore's mother complains bitterly that she hasn't heard from him in 30 years, but she has a recent passport picture of him sticking in the frame of class photo.



Other mistake: When Alfredo projects the movie through the window on the facade on the far side of the piazza, the picture could not be as well-focused as we see it. Besides, there would not be a picture on the theater screen (at best a very faint one), resulting in a mayhem in the audience.



Continuity mistake: During the exam the ink stain on Alfredo's cheek disappears and reappears.



Continuity mistake: The scars in Alfredo's face are sometimes smoother, sometimes more pronounced.



Continuity mistake: In the first scene, when Salvatore's mother tries once again to call him, the arrangement of lemons in the bowl changes.



Continuity mistake: When the fire starts in the projector room Alfredo is standing in a heap of burning celluloid and his pants catch fire. Then the projector explodes knocking him unconscious. However, when Toto comes to rescue him Alfredo is lying on the floor, not burning anywhere and the fire not anywhere near him.



Continuity mistake: When Salvatore is waiting night after night under his beloved's window he ticks off a 1954 calendar, but some time before that we saw adolescent movie aficionados masturbate over Brigitte Bardot in "Et Dieu... créa la femme", which was released in 1956.

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Other mistake: In a brief scene we see Toto, as a young projectionist, in the projection room rewinding one reel of film by hand from the used [A projected] reel onto a new [B ready to be projected] reel. However, the film is being rewound from A to B in a straight line. This is incorrect. The film has to be rewound top to bottom like a figure 8, if not, it will be projected with a reversed image. Of course, it has to be rewound, if not, the film would be projected from end to beginning.

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This is in the version which was released first - the non-director's-cut version. As the end credits roll, we see clips from the film. Just at the end of the credits, we see a shot of Elena when she is grown up and a shot of Salvatore standing in the bar with the bright green walls. Both of these clips come from scenes which were completely cut from this version of the movie.