Cinema Paradiso

Other mistake: There's a chime hanging outside Salvatore's bedroom window that's too far away to cast such a small shadow over his face when he lies in bed and thinks of his childhood. (00:05:40)


Other mistake: In the beginning of the movie Salvatore's mother complains bitterly that she hasn't heard from him in 30 years, but she has a recent passport picture of him sticking in the frame of class photo. (01:39:45)


Other mistake: When Alfredo projects the movie through the window on the facade on the far side of the piazza, the picture could not be as well-focused as we see it. Besides, there would not be a picture on the theater screen (at best a very faint one), resulting in a mayhem in the audience. (00:46:50)


Other mistake: In a brief scene we see Toto, as a young projectionist, in the projection room rewinding one reel of film by hand from the used [A projected] reel onto a new [B ready to be projected] reel. However, the film is being rewound from A to B in a straight line. This is incorrect. The film has to be rewound top to bottom like a figure 8, if not, it will be projected with a reversed image. Of course, it has to be rewound, if not, the film would be projected from end to beginning.

Continuity mistake: When Toto comes running to the cinema to help Alfredo he stumbles and falls flat on his belly. It cuts to a close-up when he gets up, and now he is lying on his back. (00:50:40)


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Alfredo: I choose my friends for their looks, my enemies for their intelligence.

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Trivia: This is in the version which was released first - the non-director's-cut version. As the end credits roll, we see clips from the film. Just at the end of the credits, we see a shot of Elena when she is grown up and a shot of Salvatore standing in the bar with the bright green walls. Both of these clips come from scenes which were completely cut from this version of the movie.

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