Cinema Paradiso

The Cinema Paradiso is demolished and we see all the people (now older) from the town of Giancaldo from Salvatore's youth (the man who would shout "the square is mine!", Ciccio, the man who would cried during a movie and knew all the dialogue, etc.) One night, Salvatore sees the young girl who looks likes Elena in a car with his childhood friend Boccia now grown up (the one who didn't know his times tables) which means that Boccia and Elena are married and the young girl is their child. Salvatore looks up Elena's phone number and calls her. Elena says that there's no point in the two of them seeing each other again. But they see each other again one night near the ocean where Salvatore would spend time with Alfredo. Salvatore and Elena talk and she says "why didn't you contact me after I left Giancaldo? I gave you the address." Salvatore doesn't understand and Elena says that she arrived late the day was to meet Salvatore at the Nuovo Cinema Paradiso at 5:00. When she arrived at the Cinema Paradiso, Alfredo was there and told her to forget about Salvatore. She then wrote a note for Salvatore and placed the note next to the bunch of invoices on the wall near the projector. So that day when Salvatore asked Alfredo if Elena had been there, Alfredo lied and said no. Salvatore finds the note and it has an address where Elena was staying at the time (in Tuscany). The last scene of the movie is Salvatore watching a film that Alfredo wanted Salvatore to inherit. The film is a collection of all the kissing scenes that Alfredo was told to (by the priest) cut out of the movies that were shown at the Cinema Paradiso.


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Alfredo: I choose my friends for their looks, my enemies for their intelligence.



When Toto is a child, he is left handed. But as a young man, he is right handed.



This is in the version which was released first - the non-director's-cut version. As the end credits roll, we see clips from the film. Just at the end of the credits, we see a shot of Elena when she is grown up and a shot of Salvatore standing in the bar with the bright green walls. Both of these clips come from scenes which were completely cut from this version of the movie.