The Andy Griffith Show

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Revealing mistake: On most of the corners of the buildings, you can see seam lines running down between the different sides of the buildings. The bricks on the opposite sides usually don't line up with each other either even though they are supposed to be the same brick.

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A Plaque for Mayberry - S1-E25

Continuity mistake: About 2/5 through the show, Barney comes into the office with a family tree chart. The edge of the paper is on the bottom of the roll sticking out to the left, there's a cut to a different angle and the edge of the paper is on top, not sticking out and still facing to the left. On top, it should be facing to the right.

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The Return of Barney Fife - S6-E17

Continuity mistake: At the reunion you see a sign that says class of '48. In season 3 They had a reunion and it said class of '45.

Deputy Otis - S2-E31

Other mistake: Upon arriving at the courthouse, Andy and Barney discover they don't have their keys to get in so Andy decides to go knock on the window at Otis' cell, which he does to wake Otis. However, Otis' cell does not have a window, only the adjoining cell does. (00:20:00)

Floyd the Gay Deceiver - S3-E9

Other mistake: In the final scene near the end of the episode Floyd calls Andy "Andy Griffith". It's muffled, but if you listen closely it's audible.

Three Wishes for Opie - S5-E14

Revealing mistake: Barney, convinced he can foretell the future, is in the darkened jailhouse, seated between Goober and Floyd at a table. Goober strikes a match and lights a lamp which is directly in front of Barney. The immediate illumination obviously comes from a studio light because the men's shadows on the wall are to the far left of the men, instead of directly behind them.

Aunt Bee's Big Moment - S8-E23

Revealing mistake: In the close-up shot of Aunt Bee in the airplane as she starts the roll for her solo flight, as she passes out of frame you can see the inside door latch hardware, revealing that the door has been left open or removed for the shot.


The Shoplifters - S4-E21

Revealing mistake: Barney and Mr Weaver scuffle in the dark. When Andy enters the store he turns on the light, but the light switch is still in the off position.

Pink Floyd

Andy and Opie's Pal - S4-E14

Character mistake: Barney complains about Andy escorting the Apricot Queen around Mayberry many years prior. Barney had hoped to be her escort. He remembers the date, telling Andy it was "June 23, 1952, a Saturday afternoon." June 23, 1952, was a Monday.

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