The Andy Griffith Show

Trivia: In Walker's Drugstore, among all the magazines by the wall there's a TV Guide magazine (from Oct 9, 1954) on the shelf, and on its cover is Lucille Ball the co-owner of Desilu Productions - which produced TAGS, and also filmed at Desilu Studios.

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A Deal Is a Deal - S4-E26

Trivia: When Gomer and Barney are waiting at the Miracle Salve Co. Office, Barney speaks in a nasally high pitch voice. When Gomer asks Barney what's the matter with his voice, Barney explains that he's been talking like that as a disguise, to which Gomer asks, "How do you do that? I wish I could do my voice like that!" Jim Nabors does precisely that for his role as Gomer.

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Convicts-at-Large - S3-E11

Trivia: This is the last episode where we see a mobile Floyd. The actor suffered a stroke. He returned to the show but is hereafter seen sitting or leaning against a wall.

The Cow Thief - S3-E5

Trivia: When Andy, Barney, the mayor, and Upchurch are at the courthouse with the plaster castings of the footprints, Upchurch has named the sets of prints "Able, Baker, and Charlie." The names "Able and Baker" are also the names of the two monkeys who were launched into space on May 28, 1959 in a Jupiter rocket.

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Opie's Fortune - S5-E9

Trivia: This is basically the same episode as Leave It To Beaver 1960 episode Beaver Finds a Lady's Wallet. The deadline passed in both. Except, for Beaver, the lady turns out to be a greedy cad who promises to reward Beaver and doesn't deliver. Ward buys a radio and mails it to Beaver after more than a week passed both cases, the boys do the right thing without any expectation of gain for themselves. Both good lessons.

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Opie's Group - S8-E9

Andy: Clara, sometimes a parent can't see what he should do, and sometimes it takes a person from the outside to show him. And I'd like to thank you.
Clara: Groovy.

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The Darling Baby - S5-E12

Question: Why is it when they were on the show the Darling sons never spoke? Would they be paid more if they did, or was this some sort of joke?


Answer: It was a joke. They were supposed to be dumb hillbillies.

Both. According to later interviews with both Andy and the Dillards band (the real name of the band that played the parts of the Darling children, of which Charlene (Maggie Peterson - Mancuso was also a member) the reason the Darling boys never had any lines was because they would've had to have been paid if they spoke. In return for appearing without lines or pay, Andy promised to get as much of their music onto the show as possible which, he did. This obviously gave them a lot of exposure.

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