Leave It To Beaver

Season 5 generally

Other mistake: The opening credits for season 5 show June coming out of the front door with a pitcher of what looks like iced tea, and calling for Ward, Wally and Beaver who are all working outside. But the door opens by itself as she comes out, and then closes by itself behind her. If the entire family is outside, who opened and closed the door?

Jeff Swanson

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The Perfect Father - S1-E23

Continuity mistake: As the boys are playing basketball at the Cleavers' house, Tooey is shown in the first shot without his glasses, but immediately in the next shot where he shoots for a basket, he is wearing them. Magical glasses, indeed.

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School Play - S2-E11

Continuity mistake: After the school festival performance, when Beaver reveals himself as the mushroom, the two costume straps hang straight down over Beaver's shoulders, but in the wide shot the two straps are crisscrossed, then reverts back to the original way. (00:22:20)

Super Grover

Beaver's Fortune - S3-E10

Continuity mistake: When Ward is talking to Beaver in the bedroom, he stands behind Beaver and is in the process of combing his hair. When Ward sits on the dresser, Beaver's hair has somehow finished being combed. (00:24:18)

Beaver Makes a Loan - S3-E11

Visible crew/equipment: Beaver is pretending to have a football game with himself. You can see the boom mic shadow to the left of him and it continues all the way to when Wally and Beaver go sit on the bench. (00:10:45 - 00:11:11)

Teacher Comes to Dinner - S3-E9

Continuity mistake: As the family is sitting at the breakfast table during one of the very first scenes, Beaver gets up to leave for school. The checkered napkin in his lap falls to the floor as he walks to the back door. The camera cuts back to the table where the napkin has magically reappeared.


The Yard Birds - S5-E32

Continuity mistake: After Eddie and Lumpy show up to help The Beav and Wally load the lawn trash into Lumpy's car, Eddie places a lampshade and a woman's hat over a burlap bag of trash and jokes it's Lumpy's date: "Who says Lumpy can't get a girl?" Just then the camera cuts over to Lumpy who says "ha ha ha." The street is at Lumpy's back and a car is driving in the background towards Eddie. When the camera switches back to Eddie, Lumpy approaches Eddie. The car should drive past, but it never does. (00:14:37 - 00:15:40)

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It's a Small World - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: As Beaver and Wally are starting upstairs after Ward asks them to go change their shirts for supper, the camera cuts from a long shot of Ward across the room in a chair reading a newspaper, wearing a light grey suit, to a medium close-up of Ward wearing a much darker suit, and then back to the light grey.


The Pipe - S2-E9

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ward helps June carry the groceries into the house, the bag in his left arm has a loaf of bread sticking out of the top, but as they enter the kitchen the bread is sticking out of the bag in his right arm. It is not even the same size.

Eddie Haskell: Not me! Your father doesn't like me.
Wally Cleaver: Why would you say that?
Eddie Haskell: On account of the way he looks at me when he opens the door. Sometimes I think he'd be happier to see Khrushchev standing there.

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