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A Date for Gomer - S4-E9

Continuity mistake: In this episode, during the scenes at Thelma Lou's house the front door is right beside a wall perpendicular to it, but in earlier and later episodes the front door is beside the dining room at the opposite side of the parlor.

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The Rumor - S4-E29

Continuity mistake: While Aunt Bee and the party guests are gathered in the parlor, when Gomer hoots like an owl in the shot facing him note Floyd's eyeglasses - black with thick straight temples, but in the shot from behind Gomer and all following shots Floyd's wearing different eyeglasses - lighter color with curved tips.

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The Rumor - S4-E29

Visible crew/equipment: Just as the first shot opens of Andy walking down the block we can see the moving reflection of a crew member wearing a short sleeve, button down shirt, who's presumably sitting on the camera dolly as it rolls along keeping pace with Andy.

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A Black Day for Mayberry - S4-E7

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the show, two men walk into the courthouse. (As a sidenote, one of the men is Rance Howard, which is Ronnie Howard's real dad). Barney is the only one there, as Andy is out. The two men sit down to wait for Andy. Rance Howard is not wearing a hat, and he is in a light-colored suit. When Opie walks through the door looking for Andy, you can see that Rance is not sitting there any more, and now it's a man with a dark suit and wearing a hat. (00:01:55)


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Gomer the House Guest - S4-E6

Continuity mistake: At the start, when Andy stops at Wally's station Gomer is telling Jason about his Trout bait, then someone pulls up behind Jason's car and they're bumper to bumper in the wideshot, but in the exterior shot facing Jason there's no car behind him, but that car is back again before he pulls away.

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Back to Nature - S4-E31

Revealing mistake: When Andy, Barney, Gomer, and the kids are at the campsite in the woods, during the daytime scenes the only shadows that should be seen are the ones being cast by the sun, but there are shadows being cast in different directions due to the set lighting.

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Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army - S4-E3

Revealing mistake: When Barney picks Andy up and they get back to the courthouse, they find Ernest T. out of the jail cell again and breaking more windows, and in the shot of Ernest T. leaping in the air we see it's actually a flipped shot - note the backwards "snack bar" in the window. (That store is seen later when Ernest T. tries to break the new glass for the courthouse).

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Hot Rod Otis - S4-E19

Continuity mistake: Otis is in the jail and can't sleep. He ask Andy for some water. Andy gets up, unlocks the door and then closes it again (clearly leaving the key in). He comes back a few seconds later and the key is gone and back on the wall.


The Shoplifters - S4-E21

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the show, Barney and Andy are sitting inside a 1964 Ford patrol car. When they are shown up close inside, you can tell it is not the likeness of the same car. The back glass windows look more like a 1960 model possibly. It is definitely not a 1964.

Andy and Opie's Pal - S4-E14

Character mistake: Barney complains about Andy escorting the Apricot Queen around Mayberry many years prior. Barney had hoped to be her escort. He remembers the date, telling Andy it was "June 23, 1952, a Saturday afternoon." June 23, 1952, was a Monday.

My Fair Ernest T. Bass - S4-E17

Other mistake: Barney says, "I brought the car to drive you over to Mrs. Wiley's," but later when Andy, Barney, Ernest T., and Ramona leave Mrs. Wiley's we see that they're at the house that's actually next door to Andy - though to hide this fact there's a station wagon in the driveway, and they've removed the trellis beside the door.

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Opie's Group - S8-E9

Andy: Clara, sometimes a parent can't see what he should do, and sometimes it takes a person from the outside to show him. And I'd like to thank you.
Clara: Groovy.

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The Darling Baby - S5-E12

Question: Why is it when they were on the show the Darling sons never spoke? Would they be paid more if they did, or was this some sort of joke?


Answer: It was a joke. They were supposed to be dumb hillbillies.

Both. According to later interviews with both Andy and the Dillards band (the real name of the band that played the parts of the Darling children, of which Charlene (Maggie Peterson - Mancuso was also a member) the reason the Darling boys never had any lines was because they would've had to have been paid if they spoke. In return for appearing without lines or pay, Andy promised to get as much of their music onto the show as possible which, he did. This obviously gave them a lot of exposure.

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