11th Feb 2021

King Kong (1933)

Revealing mistake: When Kong is rampaging through New York there are women shown in a window on the upper right. If you watch that was on a loop because they keep doing the same thing over and over.


4th Jul 2020

Thunderball (1965)

Trivia: Ricou Browning was the Underwater Coordinator for this film. He also played "The Creature from The Black Lagoon" when the Creature was swimming underwater.


7th May 2020

Goldfinger (1964)

Question: The whole plot of this movie makes no sense. What was the purpose of having all the soldiers "brainwashed' when they just used one to carry out what they wanted? Plus, why go to the trouble of doing all this when they could have just hired an assassin? Plus, how did they know, in 1952, that this man would be chosen to be the Vice-President?


Answer: The entire platoon was brainwashed because they were to act as witnesses and verify the fabricated story that Raymond was a "war hero." Raymond was unknowingly (by him) selected to become a sleeper agent within the U.S. government, mentally programmed to be used when needed by the Russians or Chinese. Raymond's monstrous mother, Eleanor Iselin, was married to a ruthless and ambitious U.S. Senator that she was propelling into being their party's presidential candidate. She had contacted Communists to request an assassin kill her husband's political rival so he would become the party's nominee. However, she was unaware at first that her son would be the assassin. Raymond, having been brainwashed, never realised he was a programmed assassin who would have no memory after executing his assignments. He apparently had been recruited because of his step-father's political connections. It is a rather incredible plot, to say the least.

raywest Premium member

19th Oct 2015

Big Red One (1980)

Factual error: Mark Hamill shoots a German several times in the incinerator, a total of 18 rounds without reloading. The M1 holds an 8 round clip. There was no pause at anytime for him to reload.


16th Feb 2015

American Sniper (2014)

Trivia: The baby is obviously a "doll" as a mistake entry states. The baby that they were going to use got sick and they did not want to take up time to try to find a replacement, so they decided to go with the fake as their only viable option.


Question: When Frog and The Bandit have stopped and are walking through the woods, you can see something that is wrapped around Burt Reynolds gut under his shirt. Does anyone know what that was?


Chosen answer: That's a 'kidney belt'. It's used for two reasons: 1) in long distance driving, it keeps your kidney's from bouncing around from all that high-speed stunt driving and 2) it holds in your gut for filming purposes to make you look good on film.

CCARNI Premium member

15th Jan 2015

Combat! (1962)

7th Sep 2014

The Alamo (1960)

Trivia: John Wayne had been wanting to do this picture for years but he could not get any backing. He finally used his own money and he felt the financial setback for years, because the picture did not do as well as expected. Duke would always say that he had to continue to work and make pictures to survive. He was nowhere near broke, but to keep up his lifestyle he worked almost to his death.


Off to Hollywood - S6-E7

Revealing mistake: When the bus pulls up for the Taylor family to leave for Hollywood you can see behind the bus a California freeway with cars moving in both directions. I don't think that Mayberry had a freeway right outside town. The scene is fixed when they return in "Aunt Bee on TV." There has been a tree put there so the road wouldn't show.


23rd Aug 2014

Stagecoach (1939)

Continuity mistake: In town, towards the start of the film, it goes from a street scene in front of the coach to a shot of Andy Devine sitting on the coach. From the street you can see the buildings behind the stagecoach, but when it goes to Andy sitting on the coach, the background is sky, not buildings.


17th Aug 2014

Island In The Sky (1953)

Question: Why, after days with no food, would Dooley throw away the box of Spam? I would have been ready to eat the box!


Answer: Because after eating it as part of their rations throughout WWII many ex GIs never swore to touch the stuff.

14th Jul 2014

The Howling (1981)

Trivia: In the scene where the man is looking for books and stuff about werewolves, there is is a man standing there looking at "Famous Monsters of Filmland." That is Forrest J. Ackerman, the man who created "Famous Monsters."


26th May 2014

Cape Fear (1962)

Trivia: In the scene where Robert Mitchum is with Polly Bergen in the boat and picks up an egg and squeezes it. The fear on Polly Bergen's face is real. It was ad-libbed and she had no idea what Mitchum was going to do.


13th May 2014

The Sand Pebbles (1966)

Chosen answer: It's a pun on the name of the boat which features in the film: the fictional U. S. Navy ship USS San Pablo. The sailors on the San Pablo call themselves the sand pebbles.

Sierra1 Premium member

23rd Apr 2014

Combat! (1962)

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