King Kong

Revealing mistake: In the last third of the film just after the announcement that Kong is coming, a native jumps out of his hut, loses his balance and falls by a chicken coop. His wig comes off and gets caught on the fence.


Revealing mistake: As the men walk past the downed stegosaurus, the camera moves faster than they do (judging from the background) but they stay at the center of the screen. Obviously the camera on the model of the stegosaurus moved faster than the camera on the men.


Revealing mistake: As one plane swoops at King Kong on the Empire State Building, another flies behind his head that is much larger than it should be relative to him.


Revealing mistake: The figures dropping from Kong's cliff into the river are obviously limp dummies.


Revealing mistake: When Kong breaks through the giant doors towards the islanders, part of the doors become transparent and you can see Kong's leg. This is a result of the matting special effects used.


Revealing mistake: When Kong crushes the scaffolding in the island village, it collapses not into a heap of splinters but in a neat panel of solidly bound wood.


Revealing mistake: When the men are running away from the Brontosaurus, it is quite obviously sped up. (00:56:40)

Audio problem: In the early stages of Kong's fight with the Tyrannosaur, Kong throws two (nonconsecutive) standing punches that don't hit but make noise anyway.

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Carl Denham: Kong! The eighth wonder of the world!

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Trivia: Director Merian C. Cooper and co-director/producer E.B. Schoedsack have cameos in close-ups of the biplanes that attack Kong at the end of the film.

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