King Kong

Trivia: The giant wall on Skull Island was first used in the film King of Kings, and its final screen performance was in Gone with the Wind. Did you ever wonder what that giant wall of flame was?

Trivia: King Kong's roar was made from the roars of a lion and a tiger put together and played backward.


Trivia: Director Merian C. Cooper and co-director/producer E.B. Schoedsack have cameos in close-ups of the biplanes that attack Kong at the end of the film.

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Trivia: The scene that involved Driscoll in the cave while Kong tries to get at him involved a small mock-up Kong hand and a miniature set. Driscoll's image was projected on a latex glove that was stretched across the cave entrance. This was the first instance of miniature rear projection.

Trivia: Two models were used for shooting. They both had different heads sculpted by Marcel Delgado. One for the Skull Island scenes and the other for the NYC scenes. Also a full scale bust was used that took 9 men to operate for the closeup scenes.

Trivia: Even though King Kong is the title character, he doesn't appear until nearly 47 minutes into the running time.

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