King Kong

An expedition is pulled together under the guidence of Carl Denham to go to a remote South Asian Island. Carl Denham goes with the pretence that a mysterious beast still resides on the island and the local natives fear him. Since he is a filmaker he needs to find a woman that will fit in with the adventure. He befriends Ann Darrow a local girl that he sees while robbing a fruit stand in NYC. He pays the storekeeper off and asks her to go on an acting adventure. With help of a full crew and an ancient map he purchased in Singapore he makes he way to the island. He discovers the natives have walled off a strip of island from Skull Island where the monster exists. While landing on the island Denhams crew is discovered by the local natives who want to trade off 6 of their woman for Ann Darrow because she is a blonde. The crew refuses the offer and make it back to the ship. Ann then falls for Jack the first mate of the ship.
That night a group of natives manage to snatch Ann Darrow of the deck of the ship and drug her and plan to sacrafice her in an elaborate sequence to the monster Ape. The native chief summons Kong with 3 stikes to a gong. She screams as a giant 50 foot ape snatches her from the alter. At the same time Denham and Jack realize she has been taken and heads back to skull island. Through some encounters with Dinosaurs they manage to track down Ann but Kong is always a step a head. 12 crew members are killed while trying to cross a log over a chasm and Kong lifts and sends the log crashing down and the remaining crew members are eaten by spiders deep into the chasm. Jack manages to track Kong while Denham heads back to get more reinforcements. Jack manages to get Ann while Kong is distracted while fighting off a Pteronodon.

Kong, furirous at his loss, heads back to the village and manages to burst through the wall but Denham has other plans. He has a stash of Gas bombs and decides to knock out Kong, build a raft and take the monster back to New York. Denham has a gala opening and the audience is suprised to see Kong on a steel platform chained up. No sooner does the event start when the press takes picture. Kong gets upset because he thinks the reporters are trying to hurt Ann who is also at the event with Jack.
Kong breaks free and rampages through the city on the way to the Empire Street Building. Kong manages to snatch Ann from Jack. The way up to go to higher ground Kong smashes a subway and is looking intensly for Ann. It is then decided the only way to get to Kong is with Bi-Planes. The planes and suceed and kill Kong sending him to his death on the streets below.

Revealing mistake: As the men walk past the downed stegosaurus, the camera moves faster than they do (judging from the background) but they stay at the center of the screen. Obviously the camera on the model of the stegosaurus moved faster than the camera on the men.


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Trivia: The giant wall on Skull Island was first used in the film King of Kings, and its final screen performance was in Gone with the Wind. Did you ever wonder what that giant wall of flame was?

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