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Corrected entry: The dinosaur that rises from the lake is an apatosaurus (or something from the same family). Apatosaurus is herbivorous, and would never try to eat humans as depicted. Even if the species had changed its diet in the millions of years since its apparent decease, its body is not appropriate for hunting: too big, too bulky, too slow, etc.


Correction: The hippopotamus is bulky, slow, and herbivorous too. It's aquatic as well. It contributes to a huge number of human deaths every year by biting them. It's rarely in self-defense, and more out of general aggression.

Correction: It was just being territorial. It's never shown eating people, it just bites and chews them up in its mouth and spits them out.


Corrected entry: The scene where Kong peels off Ann's clothes was censored from the original release for being too racy, but it was later restored. Also, when the sailors are being rolled off the log bridge they were supposed to fall into a pit and be eaten by giant spiders, but the scene was removed because it tended to scare audiences into walking out of the theatre.


Correction: The dress peeling scene was not censored from the original release. It was censored in later re-releases.


Correction: Lots of people named John are referred to as Jack. The most famous perhaps is John F Kennedy was often referred to as Jack Kennedy.

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Correction: I have looked at the scene over and over, and it looks nothing like a rope. If the statement was pointing out the thickness of the vine, however, we must keep in mind that vines do come very thick (e.g. lianas, the woody vine) and it is a fictional jungle, so who knows what foliage is unique to the island. But nothing in the scene conclusively points to it as a rope.

Corrected entry: When Kong falls, the girl is about a floor or two below the man, yet he has time to go get her and they both get down to the ground floor just about the same time as Kong. Who can move that fast?

Correction: We never see Driscoll and Darrow at Kong's body, the closing line is delivered by Carl Denham. As far as the audience knows, the two are still making their way down.

Corrected entry: When Kong throws the boulder in the island village and the car in New York, they fall onscreen very slowly for such heavy objects.


Correction: This entry is silly. all objects fall at the same rate of speed because of gravity. only an outside force such as friction or propulsion can change that.

Corrected entry: If the natives were so afraid of Kong (and the dinosaurs) that they built a fifty foot wall to keep him out, they never would have included a fifty foot tall door in it to give him access to their village.

Correction: This is expained in Joe Devito's book King of Skull Island. The reason for the wall and large gates is because the Kong race (there was a race of apes on Skull Island in the past) helped build the wall and gates under the direction of the islanders. The Kong race was controlled by certain herbs and helped the original villagers build the wall and gates to keep the dinosaurs out on the other side before the movie took place.

Corrected entry: When Kong is approaching the platform containing the girl, in both the 1933 and 1976 versions of the film, he tears down many trees. Since the platform is there and does not appear new, and a large ape is likely to have a large appetite, we can assume the ape must visit the platform regularly, thus it is likely that all the trees around there would have been torn down already.

Correction: Kongs appetite for the girl has nothing to do with food. We have no way of knowing how often (or seldom) he or his ancestors visited the platform.


Audio problem: In the early stages of Kong's fight with the Tyrannosaur, Kong throws two (nonconsecutive) standing punches that don't hit but make noise anyway.


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Trivia: Director Merian C. Cooper and co-director/producer E.B. Schoedsack have cameos in close-ups of the biplanes that attack Kong at the end of the film.

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