King Kong

Continuity mistake: When Driscoll is hiding in the cliff cave with Kong above him, he moves from the front of the cave to the back two or three times without ever moving from the back of the cave to the front.


Continuity mistake: Just before Kong is gassed and captured, he picks up someone and bites his head. In a close up, he has them by the legs, then in the long shot he is biting their head. (01:14:30)

Continuity mistake: During King Kong's rampage on the island, he fights some of the natives on a scaffold platform. He picks up one of them and puts him in his mouth. In the wide shot, the native's feet are on the left side of Kong's mouth and his head is on the right. The close-up shows that his head is on the left while his feet are on the right.

Continuity mistake: When Kong escapes the theater in New York, a car crashes into a hotel. There is no windshield on the car. A second later the car is shown again and there is one. (01:31:00)

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Continuity mistake: This happens in King Kong's death scene. After he puts down Ann for the last time, he is shot and his right arm goes limp. In the close-up, he's suddenly using that limp arm to hold on to a spire.

Audio problem: In the early stages of Kong's fight with the Tyrannosaur, Kong throws two (nonconsecutive) standing punches that don't hit but make noise anyway.


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Trivia: The giant wall on Skull Island was first used in the film King of Kings, and its final screen performance was in Gone with the Wind. Did you ever wonder what that giant wall of flame was?

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