The Andy Griffith Show

Andy the Matchmaker - S1-E9

Plot hole: When Barney's telling Andy about the poem written on the bank wall, Barney blames Opie and doesn't mention anything about Opie using chalk, but when Opie walks in Andy tells him, "Barney says there's a poem written on the wall of the bank, and that you were standin' along beside it with a piece of chalk in your hand," and then in a few moments Opie explains that some big kids pushed the chalk into his hands. So it's impossible for Andy to have known that chalk was used to write the poem, and not a marker, a pen, or a pencil.

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Aunt Bee on TV - S6-E10

Plot hole: The IRS man comes to talk to Andy about Aunt Bee owing taxes won by her on a game show. Why would the IRS man come looking for Andy instead of Bee first? Andy would have nothing to do with it.

terry s

A Black Day for Mayberry - S4-E7

Plot hole: About 2/3 through the show Barney is locked inside the armored car and Gomer puts about a gallon of gas into the gun port onto Barney's shoes. After Gomer is told of his error, Barney stays inside the truck. The fumes would have killed him, not to mention the risk of explosion.

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